Star Wars Fan Days Plano, TX


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I don't think I can make this one since I am taking some days off during the first week of November, but maybe some other spies can go.

When: Saturday October 25 11am-6pm, Sunday October 26 12noon-4pm.

Where: Plano Center (just north of Dallas) 2000 E Spring

FREE Parking.

The following celebrities will be attending and signing autographs.

Jewel Staite - Serenity/Firefly: Kaylee
Orli Shoshan - Star Wars: Shaak Ti
Leeanna Walsman - Star Wars: Zam Wesell
Erin Gray - Buck Rogers: Col. Wilma
David Acord - Clone Wars: Rotta the Hutlet & more!
Ashley Eckstein - Clone Wars: Ashoka!
Matthew Wood - Clone Wars: Grievous & More!
Tom Kane - Clone Wars: Yoda & Narrator
Robert Watts - Producer ESB & ROTJ, Producer Indiana Jones, Lt Watts in ROTJ
Al Lampert - Star Wars: Commander Jir -NEW!
Bruce Campbell - Evil Dead I and II, Army Of Darkness -NEW!

Attending Artists
Dave Dorman - Artist guest of honor
Paul Allen Ballard
Spencer Brinkerhoff
Matt Busch
Joe Corroney
Grant Gould
Robert Hendrickson
Tom Hodges
Ben Curtis Jones
Randy Martinez
Mark McHaley
Cat Staggs
Chris Trevas
Marc Wolfe
David Rabbitte
Steve Anderson -NEW!
Cynthia Cummens -NEW!
Jamie Snell -NEW!
Jason Sobol -NEW!

Hasbro & Steve Sansweet will be there as well.


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I would like to attend this one, but we're leaving on a road trip the following friday, so, not sure if I'll be able to swing it with work. I may have you snag some sigs for me AmShak. I'll be there if I can make it happen.

Darth Boru

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Wish I could go. Pretty good event a couple of years back when I 'ventured forth' to the great State of Texas! Great memories of a superb visit with VERY cool people!


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i would suspect there will be more guests added, but probably just the regulars.


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I'm going to shoot for going to this. I didn't get to make this one cause it happened the weekend before I got to the 501st Legion. Skel I got plans for you my boy.

DEC 6th be there or be bantha poodoo:)


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Welcome to the Spy, LT! Lucious Talvloinne is a friend of mine from Force Pike, the Royal Guard website. :)

AmSHak, LT,

I requested to have Sat Oct 25 off from work. If my rotation stays the same, I would normally have that weekend off anyway. However, I'm taking the following weekend off for a 5 day vacation, so things might change. Anyway, there's a decent chance I could make this one happen. :cool:

Now I just need to squeeze a little more money out of the budget, and it could work.


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Well If that works out I will have robes for you to wear all you have to do is bring boots - Force Pike and your helmet.


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Peter Mayhew and David Prowse will be attending also.

I hope you guys have a blast. A few of my posters and photos will be there getting signed. Take loads of photos!:D:D


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darthskellington;81715 said:
Well, it's decided......I'm going on Saturday. :) If all goes as planned, I'll run into AmShak, IG-PPO and LT there. :cool:
Sweet! I hope you have alot of fun and take some photos! :D I wont be there but some of my posters will be there getting signed!


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Well, I just got home from Dallas. For a small convention, this of was a lot of fun. I met up with fellow Bothans AmShak, IG-PPO, and Luscious Talvlionne. I also bumped into some friends of Darth Boru's that we ahd dinner with at CIV in Los Angeles last year.

Autograph lines were relatively short. Lots of artists present as well. I picked up autos frm Al Lampert and Robert Watts. Robert Watts brought along his Crew Jacket from ESB, along with one of the ESB clap-boards. AmShak took a picture of me holding the clapboard and wearing the jacket! :)

Hasbro was present, but all they had was the Big Millenium Flacon display from San DIego Comic Con.

Steve Sansweet showed some clips from Celebration Japan and SDCC, and we got a sneak preview of Nov 7th's Clone Wars episode (just the first half). This was followd by a Q&A session with some of the Clone Wars voice talent (David Acord, Matt Wood, Tom Kane, and Ashley Eckstein).

The Dealer Hall was loaded with lots of good buys, most of the steals went quickly, but numerous good buys were still to be found all day.

Overall, a fun day. I'll post a few pictures soon. IG-PPO and AmShak have some pics on their cameras we'll have to wait for.


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I was lucky to be in the area this weekend and had the change to attend. It was a fun convention. I expected to see more from Hasbro, but as DS said they only have the BMF.

Got autographs from:

Jewel Staite from Firefly - She was nice but couldn't pose with her in the autograph hall. But got a photo with her in the Photo Ops room. It was extra but I got a nice photo with her.

Leeanna Walsman
Erin Gray from Buck Rogers.
Ashley Eckstein
Matthew Wood
Al Lampert
Jack McKenzie

Bruce Campbell - It was nice to meet Bruce in person. Unfortunately, like Carrie Fisher in CIV, the time was limited so I couldn't take a photo with him. :(. But I got a cool photo of him which I post next week (I forgot my cables in my home.) The Q&A was fun, he even make a prank call to a friend of one of the attendees.

I was glad to meet Warren again and get to know AmShak and LT. Hope to meet again in CV!!!


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Thanks for posting photos! I should get some of my autographs that a friend was helping me with soon!