Ewok Cheif
This is my favorite smiley. Can we add it to our smiley list?

Also, I suggest that all the smileys be rearranged so it confuses all of us.

Ewok requests are awsome. Im close to being cheif:)


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5 Days?

someone go get Boru and his calculator.

your post was on the 22nd and borsk responded on the 24th..... looks more like 2 days .....

don't make me go get my big ewok squashing foot:evil:
Not those little guys Buzz...........they're freaking me out.

There is an empty slot now beside Coruscant Costa's new smilie we need to fill. Its nothing spectacular, but I think we should make a "Fill in the Slot" contest. Lets have a game and the winner chooses from a selection of new smilies the one that will replace it. It will be fun and won't cost a cent.

How about getting rid of any smilies that nobody uses or likes to make room for something more fun or productive?

:stupid1: :idea:

(PS Costa, change that damn avatar. you look like Miss Cookiee. while your at it, get Yoda Man to look like a man again;) )

Yoda Man

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Nope, but you just gave me a great idea for a game in the forum. I'll start off with one of my old avatars.


Ewok Cheif
The fact that Yodaman has so many posts is really....insane.

I only had that much after a yuear.

Anybody realize that its almost TBS 3RD ANNERVERSIRRY



Ewok Cheif
Do you think you could extend that period. And not post one post like this:


and then say


and then say

here is my new avvytor. Its CC. BUT CC IS PADME

and then say


and then say

my goal is to get too many posts for 2 months

and then maybe now, you should downsize the posting average a liiiiittle bit. Just maybe?? As a present to CC??
CC you gotta change your avatar. I keep thinking your Miss Cookiee. I was wondering why she seemed to be comming across a bit more stern than usual and then saw it was you.

You have to remember that I was closing in on your post count and then you and YM started padding like crazy in the word associations so you have to cut him some slack. You jumped 400 posts in a month also.