Silver Clone Trooper


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I've found the Silver Clone Trooper both online and in shops here in the UK. Forbidden Planet have it in the shops for £17 and r2dtoys have it online for £19 and upwards(for the variants)

I didn't get one because I didn't see the point of them being made(except for money, of course...)

Are they out in America yet?


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They will be available sometime in early April, and it will be run the same as the Silver R2-D2. You have to spend $20 or more on Star Wars toys made by Hasbro in order to get a free Silver Clone Trooper. I'm just hoping that TRU will have these figures in good condition. Most of the ones that I was able to get were in bad condition, except for one that I got which was in really good shape.


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I got a Silver Clone Trooper for €10 at
I ordered a Achk Med-Beck figure, but they were sold out, and I recieved a Silver Clone instead :)
Not a figure I was planning to buy (since it costs a whole lot), but for €10, I'm not complaining...
Some pics...


Everything around me says April 4 for the release at TRU. And you have to purchase $20 or more SW hasbro stuff. I might see if they have anything worth getting. It might look good next to my silver R2D2 and Boba Fett.


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amazon just dropped the price to $4.99. if you already ordered from them, you can email them for a refund in the difference in price.


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I have not seen any in the ATL, but I think I'll order them on line, Free shipping might equal worthless card. I guess I'll find out, I'm tired of wasting gas and time driveing around to TRU to look at Zams and Jangos. :banghead: