Saying "Hi" to everyone!


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What's up spies?
Just want to introduce myself as I am a new member of this site. My name is....well, just call me BanthaButt. I am an avid collector and have over 100 12" figures in my collection as of 10-20-01 and I am always looking for more. I live in Baton Rouge so if any of you reading this are close by, send me an email :cool: I am looking foreword to posting, reading news and hopefully making new friends on this site.

Later Dudes,



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Welcome Banthabutt! I used to live in Ruston LA , bu I just recently I moved to Little Rock. Hope you like it here! :hello:


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welcome to the site. let us know if there is anything we can do to make your visits here more enjoyable.


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Hey BB,

Welcome to the site! Hope you like what you see. There are some really great people here on the forums.


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Glad to meet ya!

If I'm not mistaken, I remember you use to post on the old Jawa Forums in Discussions and Store Reports and you are quite knowledgeable in SW collectables. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Also impressed that you have over a hundred 12" Figures. Congrats! I have about Fifty 12" and thought I was Cool of the Hill. I love the 12" and am still looking for the Hong Kong Exclusive 3 Pack.
Anyway, A Big Welcome to the site and please try to be an active poster between cases. Kidding Officer! :balloons: :rockon: :hello:


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Welcome to LA-LA land BanthaButt!
All we ask of you is to donate 12% of your yearly salary to the "Send The Bothan Spies To Fiji Fund!..." Especially those pesky Canucks! It's starting to get cold here!:D
Just watch out for the other heathens who welcomed you... they are all trouble! EVIL WICKED MONKEY'S!!!!

Where as I am an angel!:angel:

WITH DIRTY DIRTY WINGS!!!!!!:evil: :cflag: :rockon:
Just kidding! Serious though... Welcome to Bothan Spy! You will love it!:satan:


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Hey ButtBoy!

Glad to see yah!!

This guy is great! He has become a good friend of mine thanks to Star Wars.

Talk to you soon!