Rancor Pit 4 Begins This Weekend!



Who is the greatest sci-fi/fantasy character ever created, outside of Star Wars?

For the past couple of weeks, TBS has interactively with its members compiled a list of 128 of the most well known names from these genres. Your faves from movies and TV are represented, including anything from Battlestar Galactica to The Matrix, from Godzilla to Predator, and from Buffy to Stargate SG-1. No sci-fi fantasy tournament can be complete without Star Trek and Lord of the Rings, and each of these are also well represented.

The rules are simple, and follow previous Rancor Pit tournaments. Each name in the contest is randomly selected and paired off against one other competitor. Members will have a poll to choose their fave of the two, and after three days of voting, the character with the most votes moves on. The loser is tossed into the Rancor Pit to become lunchmeat. The process will repeat itself in each subsequent round using winners only, until only one is left.

128 characters, and only one survivor. Who will it be? Matches will begin for Round 1 with the first 8 this weekend by clicking here.