R2-D2 mini fridge & USB Micro Fridge

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This news item from Technabob.com is over a week old, so it may well have been sold by now, by it's yet another of the ever-growing range of Japanese R2-D2 items.

Plus it includes a link to a smaller, and chepaer, USB Micro Fridge big enough for one drink can which is due for release on 26 September, 2008 in the UK.

Rare R2-D2 Fridge For Sale - One Cool Droid
I was surfing around in search of this desktop R2-D2 USB Micro Fridge that I recently read about, when I happened upon something much, much cooler than that cooler.


Turns out that this awesome R2-D2 compact refrigerator was apparently made back in 2002 as a promotional prize for an Attack of the Clones contest held at 7-11 Stores in Japan. Word has it that just 1000 of these rare refrigerators were ever made, and now this one can be yours (assuming you've got the dough). Even rarer than the elusive Google mini fridge, this is definitely a serious über-geek collectible.


The guys over at ToyEast managed to get their hands on one of these rarities, and it's in pristine condition. Priced at US$1070, it's not exactly cheap, but if you're a serious Star Wars fan, you might not be able to pass this up.

Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, I could overdraw my my checking account for this one.



LOL! Now that is so COOL! Get it? Fridges keep things COOL. Yeah. Anyway! It doesn't look very tall. Is it like actual size??


Buzz Bumble

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I don't know how big the mini fridge version is. It looks like it's probably big enough for a pack of six cans at least. (The USB micro fridge is only big enough for one can.)