Podrace III - Day 7

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There was a big upset today as Elan Mak who has raced in each event this week with little success comes through and wins back to back races. Fan favorites Teemto Pagalies and Ben Quadinaros finished right behind him respectively.


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The standings after Day 7

19 schmuck man
18 xwing25
15 Cornfritter
14 Guttersnipe
14 rogueace2000
13 Alf
10 Buzz Bumble
10 darkside449
10 ephantmon
9 Black Robot
9 Rancisis
8 gatorfett
7 mynock11
7 Real Scooby
7 wookiee_cookiee*
6 ST-321
5 Darth Boru
3 Bespin_refuge
3 CoruscantCosta
3 JediBeagle
3 Mittbretturuodo
3 RoJo1138
2 chris solo
2 darthskellington
1 nack5811
1 obre
0 chilaquil66
0 Watto*

For a guide to all of the races and more details on how it was palyed, i refer you to
this thread
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