Podrace III - Day 4

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Day 4 of the podraces is upon us. Click here to play.


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The Race Lineup
Racers qualify for starting positions at the Mos Espa arena via a complex set of traditions which involve a combination of past performances, popularity and random chance. Most Podracers feature a distinctive ensign or décor scheme representing a race pilot’s rich patron, family lineage, protective deity, supporting guild or simply that appeal to them. Colorful flags bearing these emblems herald the beginning of the formal race ceremony and dynamic racing graphics decorate the vehicles for visibility and good luck. As with the podracers designs, the bewildering variety of ensign types seen at Mos Espa arena contributes to the dazzling spectacle of the races.

Today's Racers
  • Ben Quadinaros
  • Ratts Tyrell
  • Dud Bolt
  • Sebulba
  • Aldar Beedo
  • Elan Mak
  • Mawhonic

*Click here to learn how to play, to see what you can win or to see the standings.
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