Pod Race 1


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Today is the day of the final race. Today's racers are the winners of all of the previous races. Good Luck.
  • Anakin
  • Ben Quadinaros
  • Gasgano
  • Mawhonic
  • Ratts Tyrell
  • Sebulba


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oops... a little late with the players stats from Day 6...

25 joewhite
21 Alf
18 JediBeagle
15 phijeww
13 deathstar
13 redleader
12 wookiee_cookiee
11 xwing25
10 han solo
10 rogueace2000
9 Mark Jade
9 sandtrooperj
9 Nightwing
6 Feilerudo
5 chilaquil66
1 max one
He's the one who put the "eat" in "cheat". I'm going with Sebulba this time. He'll make sure that pesky slave boy doesn't sneak past him again.:rockon:

Have a good weekend everyone!

max one

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even though i have no chance of winning w/ 1 point for picking ani. i'm going to go w/ gasgano! :twirl:

by the way great game,can't wait for the next one!

Jar Jar Binks

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Sebulba is up to his old tricks and doing everything he has to do to win.
As they head into the third lap, Sebulba has a commanding lead.

Jar Jar Binks

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Both Anakin & Sebulba have taken damage from Tusken Raiders. They appear to be able to finish the race but it has given the other racers a chance to catch them.