Pod Race 1


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Here are the players standings after Day 5.

24 joewhite
15 Alf
13 deathstar
13 redleader
12 JediBeagle
12 phijeww
10 xwing25
9 Mark Jade
9 sandtrooperj
7 han solo
6 wookiee_cookiee
6 Feilerudo
5 chilaquil66
4 rogueace2000
3 Nightwing
0 max one


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Here are Today's Racers
  • Aldar Beedo
  • Anakin
  • "Bullseye" Navior
  • Dud Bolt
  • Gasgano
  • Sebulba

Jar Jar Binks

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Look for a lot of excitement in this race. Aldar Beedo is one of the most dangerous creatures on the course. He is a hit man and some believe that he has been hired to take out Sebulba. Sebulba is not with out defense. Dud Bolt often acts as a body guard to Sebulba during the races.


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Since Anakin and Sebulba will be too busy worrying about each other...I'll take Gasgano....with all those arms, something's bound to happen...

Jar Jar Binks

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OH! I don't care what universe you're from. That's gotta hurt.

In an attempt to protect Sebulba from an attack from Aldar Beedo, Dud Bolt took them both out, including himself