Off Topic: World Record Dalek Collector

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This is from the Guiness Book of World Records' news website ...

Record holder profile: Rob Hull - owner of the largest collection of Daleks

British family man Rob Hull, from Doncaster, England is recognised for having the largest collection of Daleks, 571 models strong.

His incredible collection, which includes a 6ft life size replica model, is a product of 20 years of passionate (and costly!) collecting.

Interestingly Rob isn't a fan of the Doctor [British TV show Doctor Who]: "I've never been a fan of the show, but I have been enchanted by the Daleks ever since I saw one in a toy store as a child. My mum wouldn't buy it for me, but I swore at that moment that I'd have my own one day".

At the age of 29 Rob purchased his first Dalek "They've just slowly taken over the house!"

One person who won't be celebrating is his long-suffering wife of 25 years, Dawn, 43: "I hate the things and I've got a feeling this is only going to encourage him!"


And the scary part is that he looks a lot like Davros, the leader of the Daleks! :eek: