Off Topic: Man builds 19ft Lego Apollo 11 Rocket

Buzz Bumble

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It does have a Star Wars connection too - a couple of naughty droids are trying to stow away on the rocket. :)

Man builds 19-foot-tall model of Apollo 11 out of 120,000 LEGO bricks

Every now and again the internet has the capacity to blow our dinky craniums to smithereens — this happens to be one of those moments. Some unplaceable Herculean conviction drove LEGO architect Ryan McNaught to build a 5.76-meter-tall recreation of the Saturn V rocket used for Apollo 11 out of 120,000 plastic bricks.

According to McNaught, this is the tallest LEGO structure in Australia. The model will be on display at Australia's Brickvention next weekend. Even though this sculpture took 250 hours, Ryan found the time to include the Astrovan and sneak in two droid stowaways. Gobsmacking work.



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