Not about Marg Helgenberger...


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I figured I would just start a new thread since my last one ended up being all about Marg Helgenberger (which is quite alright to me..)

Anyway, is anyone interested in these here dang Star Wars paper models, or am I the only one? Or... you are all just too polite to tell me that you've all have seen these already and are just letting me carry on like some kind of old crazy dude!?!

Thought I would give it one more shot... If you are interested in viewing some of these models, please e-mail me at:

May the Sith lords smile upon all ye true believers and grant you 3 special wishes! :vader:


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LOL... Thanks for the response DS!
I agree, some of them sculptures would look great at the front door!
As for the paper models, you wouldn't believe the detail some of these models can get!
Here is a list of some of the models I have:
Corellian Corvette
Corellian Gunship
Imperial Lambda Class Shuttle
Imperial Landing Craft Sentinel-class
Star Destroyer
Naboo Fighter
Probe Droid
Snow Speeder
Tie Fighters galore
Zam's Speeder

Just to name a few!
I also have files for Aliens, animals, satelites...etc.

P.S. DS... I asked my sinister-in-law where she bought those candle's... She said she bought them at a local store called "Winners". I don't think you have
this store where you live, but it's the equivalent of a Wal-Mart (on prozac). I can check the store out to see if they have any left. The problem is she bought them over 5 years ago... I'll see what I can find out. It's no problem... It's next door to a Best Buy, so I'll be alrite!