New Jedi Council Scenes Revealed



From Hasbro's Star Wars page:

NEW! Jedi Council Scene Packs 3 & 4 Available this Fall Exclusively at Toys R Us!

The Jedi Master is the highest rank in the Jedi order. Only the most exceptionally skilled and devoted Jedi Masters are chosen to serve on the High Council, which is the primary liaison between the Jedi and the government of the Republic. Hasbro’s Jedi Council Scenes help you build true-to-life scenes to replicate Star Wars High Council meetings, including council chairs and center piece.

Recreate the majesty of the Jedi Order! Connect to other High Council playsets (sold separately) to complete the entire Jedi High Council Chamber. Scene 1 includes Yoda, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Ki-Adi-Mundi; Scene 2 includes Obi-Wan Kenobi, Plo Koon, and Eeth Koth. If you haven’t seen these yet, check out the June 10 Republic News posting.

And don’t forget to visit your local Toys ‘R’ Us this fall to get Scenes 3 & 4 and complete your set!

Scene 3: Adi Gallia, Anakin Skywalker and Saesee Tiin

Scene 4: Staas Ali, Agen Kolar and Shaak Ti

Jedi 1073

New Recruit
It seems that the Jedi Council Scene Pack 4 Agen Kolar looks a whole lot like somebody i already have. Couldn't hasbro at the very least do a repaint if not a body swap? :stupid1:



They used the POTJ Eeth Koth for him. Well, we all know OTC is all about rehashes. Never thought they'd use one and call it someone else though. It works on astromechs, not Jedi Council members.

By the way, anyone else find it ironic that these Prequel Trilogy figures are being released in Original Trilogy packaging? :confused: :stupid1:



Galactic Groundpounder
They did the same thing with Adi Gallia/Stass Alli. What a rip. I'm steering clear of these sets. I bought the original 2 because, except for Mace, they were all new characters: Rancisis, Piel, Yaddle, Bilaba and Poof. The new ones, although sitable are all rehashes, and not as good looking as their predacesors. It also bugs me that the whole thing, when put together, is completely enclosed. Where's the aisle that's supposed to lead from the center of the circle to the door to the room?