New future contest idea

I was thinking (as always) about some good contests for the future.

1) A Star Wars board game type game where all contestants try to make it around the board once. They start off with so much money and whoever finishes with the most wins. Everyone picks a letter for each round between a-f then every day AmShak tells us what value each letter has (1-6 on a dice).

2) A "Battleship" type game (which speaks for itself). Everybody picks a different # on the grid. Whoever gets a hit stays in. If nobody gets a hit they all stay in.


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Although my vision of how this game will turn out is not exactly how you are describing it, but There is a game in the works that will resemble a popular board game. It was an idea we had a while back and were going to use it for a future unified site contest, but the next USC has gone a different direction. The game I'm talking about also strayed away from the "board" type game, but I think i'm going to try and bring it back to that type of game so that we can re-use it however many times we want.
i would like to say more about it, but since it's still in limbo, i think i better just leave it at that.

I'll have to give the battleship game some thought on how we could make that work.


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I think we're in the middle of the game that resembles "a popular board game" (USC3).

I'm open to adding more games to the arcade as they become available. The arcade is a place where you can compete against oher forum members, but not for prizes.