My Legion patch jacket


Dark Lord of the Typos
Someone on the Legion boards was looking for patch jacket ideas. Since I was posting photos, I figured I'd share here as well.



Here's my jacket. It's actually just a military BDU shirt, I picked up at Army/Navy. It's lightweight, good for temps in the 50's-70's, or a good air conditioned con.

It has four pockets on the front, which are great for patches, cards, snacks, etc. Downside is the modern cut is tapered near the depending on your build, you may need to get a larger size. Older military jackets from the 80's or early 90's will have a more traditional jacket-cut to them.

All the patches are personal to me. Each sleeve has the Legion and Garrison/Base patch. The front has my Squad, and my detachments. Currently just TR, but will be adding Imperial Crewman soon, and eventually Clone Trooper Detachment to the other pockets.

The back has room for about 18 patches, which I'm using for events, special Garrison patches, or other Garrisons/Bases that I have trooped in.

I forgot to put my Legion name badge on it for the events I normally wear my badge on one of the pocket flaps.