Kentucky, USA

Here's me a humble simple Canadian citizen for no reason other than visiting the inlaws sending a thread from the top of a hill in the back nowheres of south eastern Kentucky.

Tomorrow is ATVs and shotguns. What a rush! (dry county though).

TBS access everywhere!

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Oh for a home, a home on the range! Dry sounds fantastic (I dont drink btw) for more than one reason....its been pouring down here for the last week. August my foot!

Good for you Chris !
I thought it usually rains in Ireland DB?

If anybody wants to see how far out in the hills I am you should take a google earth look at Hazard County Kentucky. Its in the south east corner. Its hills upon hills upon hills!!! Super claustrophobic. The only clearings you'll see are strip mines and the occasional mobile home. After an area is big enough they build a Walmart. I'll drive there just to stand in the open and have a coffee. There aren't any coffee shops down here either!

Very nice people, but nothing to do. The good thing is theres no mosquitos (which btw must be my home province's provincial bird) lol

At the moment I'm hooked up to dial up in a place called Mt. Sterling, Ky. Bet you can't find me. :)

Darth Boru

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chris solo;81002 said:
I thought it usually rains in Ireland DB?

Indeed it does, but not usually this much. Most years we get a stretch of good, warm weather. This year not so much, more like Kamino than Tatooine this year :mad:


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Good to hear from you Chris...glad you are enjoyig yourself and snagging some of the local collecting bounty.

It's been overcast here in Texas the past few days...made for really nice weather.....low 80's and breezy. The past month it's been nearly 100 and sunny all the time. :(