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I'm not happy with my current cantina guide, so i'm still working on it....

I need fresh eyes to look at these images and tell me what you think.

John Mollo was the costume designer on Star Wars ANH and he created this chart of the various cantina characters. It listed names for each of the different types of characters as well as how many of each. There are different version of this chart and i'm not sure if that comes from the various stages before the filming or, more likely, people have taken the original chart and "cleaning" it up over time. At any rate, you can find the chart w/ or w/o some of the actors names.

I had orginally ignored this source of info, because it's not acurate. But, I have found that there is very little that is 100% accurate. That makes this a better source than i had at first thought.

Now to my problem. On the chart it list two "Crockers", now known as Hrcheck Kal Fas and Sai'torr Kal Fas (short Bossk looking aliens). the chart shows that Robert A. Denham and Peter Sturgeon were the actors in the costume .. or does it?

Everywhere that i have seen this thing interpreted, they say that one of the names is Robert A. Denham. The star wars wiki says that Robert A. Denham played Hrcheck Kal Fas. imdb says that there was a Robert A. Denham in the film. you can find lists of the casts all over the internet that lists Robert A. Denham. My problem is that i can find no other information on the guy.

What i can find is a Barbara Denham who signs autographs as a Crocker. I think she goes by Barbara Franklin now.

So, the first image is of the full chart, the next 3 images are of that specific character from different version of the chart and the 5th image is of one of the crockers from a "Rogue's Gallery" image. The reason i'm including the 5th image is that it appears to be a female.

So, i have circled the area in question, in red, on the images. Let me know what you think. also, let me know if you think the 5th image is a female and if you know of a better version of the chart or any info that might help me out here.

Robert A. Denham
Barbara Denham


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on a side note, i don't think that Peter Sturgeon played the other crocker either. It's not a mis-interpretation thing though, i think another actor might have played him. I'm still working on that one.


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I don't really have any info to add. But I agree that one of the Saurians was played by a female....which also makes sense since in the EU one of them is supposed to be female.

I'm wondering though if Robert A Denham is actually Roberta Denham? Perhaps Barbara is a middle name?