I don't know about you, but this makes me wonder!!

Ishi Tib

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uhmmmmmmm!, Sir Steve Guide selling on Ebay the yet to be released Tie Bomber.... Well, yes it might be a little bit awkward to see this happening and selling for $200.00 but also we have to remember such item has not been released so it makes it sort of fair to have it up for auction, now if this would had been done while already released, it would had been a whole different story..If you know what I mean


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Not Me!

Yep! Another sales sample. Sure makes one lick their chops, but with a roll out of this item in the near future.....no thanks.
I have seen lots of these type sales often in a national online store that is in my area. They often have the samples for sale behind the glass. I remember they had the entire set of POTF Classics prior to roll out. Price was $250 for the 7 or 8 figures. As you know the final cases of Classics ended up in the clearence bin.

I also have seen protos and sales samples on the market that were not produced and they did go for the big bucks. I'm sure most of us collectors are frothing at just the sight of the Tie Bomber in the box. So close, yet so far! $200? Nah!!


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I'm not sure if this is his first auction for this. He tried to get rid of it at his boards after the tried to sell it on ebay and the buyer backed out. He asked for offers on his boards and got an offer for $20 and $30! I thought that was kinda funny....

He also had a crashed snowspeeder for sale at somepoint.