Holo Emperor Now Available for Preorder



From Star Wars Shop:

Exclusive Holographic Emperor Palpatine Figure with Star Case

Our Price: $10.99

Ships Worldwide

Available only to Hyperspace members.

In a very limited quantity, StarWarsShop.com brings collectors an action figure first: the highly anticipated Emperor Palpatine Holographic figure. The new figure depicts the Emperor as seen in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. This essential character depicts the ghastly visage of the twisted Emperor as he peers from beneath his heavy cowl, contacting Darth Vader via hologram to inform him of a new threat. The Rebel that destroyed the Death Star is none other than the offspring of Anakin Skywalker. From this fateful communiqué, the Sith Lords concoct a new insidious scheme - they will corrupt Luke, and bring him to the dark side.

From Hasbro's Original Trilogy Collection, this rendition of Emperor Palpatine is cast in translucent plastic to simulate the ghostly hologram effect. Though only the upper body of the Emperor is seen during this broadcast, the entire figure has been molded, complete with a removable cane accessory to properly depict the character made famous by Ian McDiarmid.

The figure comes in Original Trilogy Collection packaging, with the black and silver Star Wars logo rendered in a style reminiscent of the original Kenner figures. In addition, to help protect your investment, each figure will be shipped in a protective, collector's Star Case by ProTech. Limit of five figures per customer.

As a special benefit to members of Hyperspace: The Official Star Wars Fan Club, the figure will first be made available to Hyperspace members only, as a pre-order item.


Interstellar Buccaneer
I was going to sign up for the insider and hyperspace package, but now that Paizo's gone and I'm not in the US or Canada, I can't... I'm sure I'm not the only one that has been inconvenienced by this absurd policy, but Lucas and the new mag are the only ones losing any money...


Dark Lord of the Typos
$40 membership for fewer issues (only 6 now) and access to a high-bandwidth site I can barely load isn't encouraging me to renew my membership either.

Hey, does anyone know if there is a Hyperspace Sucks petition log out there?


Interstellar Buccaneer
There is an occasional article in Hyperspace that I might be interested in reading, but it seems that Insider has become a tool to sell Hyperspace rather than a magazine. Under half the articles they have 'Check Hyperspace for More!' while the actual articles have lost depth and creativity. The best new department, the propoganda fencing that had been near the center of the issue until the takeover, was scrapped in favor of 5 page articles telling you what you can buy at starwarsshop.com, or whatever... I miss Paizo, and am thinking long and hard of dropping the mag from my shopping habits...

Darth Aussie

Australian Sith Lord
I'm sure with all the bad stories from Hyperspace members, there would be more than enough to start a new Hyperspace Sucks thread.....lol

I still want the Holo Emperor though. They say that it will be available here in Aus anyhow along side the Battlefront Scout Trooper and Silver Sandie...


Yup, Hyperspace is a rip, and I am letting my current subscription to Insider run out, as I feel exactly as Zepp does about it.

You know, I remember a time when Fan Clubs were for the fans, not simply to line the pockets of greedy companies. :(



Interstellar Buccaneer
Unfortunately I didn't get a subscription so it'll be harder for them to notice the drop in sales for a while, but I'm sure there will be a drop in Subscriptions as the year progresses... Insider will prolly just die...

Jedi 1073

New Recruit
Buying the insider at newstands or local Fred Meyer works for me just fine, after all i don't want to see any spoilers it just ruins the movie. Although if that's the only way to get a OTC Holographic Emperor, guess im SOL.
I have a feeling that after ROTS the fan club will lose alot of subscriptions, why pay $40 if theres nothing to read about? :(
Hyperspace sucks !

I agree, Hyperspace sucks !

$39.99 Membership! What are they thinking? No real discounts for Star Wars Fans! I am also letting my current Star Wars Insider subscription ran out. I also miss the OLD Star Wars Fan Club.

Darth Boru

Celtic Sith
Hey guys, you wanna check out the cost if you don't live in the US! Don't remember exactly, but I think it was something like $60 when I checked a while back! NOT something I'd dream of, given the fact that you don't really get anything for your money.