Have you ever won anything?


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I was just thinking that I have been pretty lucky, and have won quite a few thingsin drawings or contests. How's everyone else's luck?

(We all know that wookiecookie has some!);)

Here's what I can remember that I have won....
Ultarama Stand
4 SW figures
Hasbro distrubutor Catalogue
Thejawa.com Tshirt
12 guage shotgun
Sega Saturn
An icechest full of disney products
2 band tshirts
2 concert tickets
Free meal for 4 at Outback
$50 gift card to KMart
a CD
a 10speed mountain bike

I guess that's it.


A shotgun? Red, I'm starting to worry about you. You're not a postal worker by any chance, are ya? :D

As for me, never won a darn thing. :crying:


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Sony Playstation 2 , thats about it. Redleader, luck must be on your side to win all that stuff!



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It's a Ducks Unlimited shotgun. I won it in a raffle when I was about 8.

I'm not a postal worker, but maybe I should be. I never have the same postal worker deliever my mail! I think that it's a conspiracy.

Aussie - A PS2? That's a pretty sweet prize. How did you get that?


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I have won a few things :D

12" Kaadu & Tarpals
Bacta Tank Luke
POTJ Eeth Koth, X-Wing Luke, DS Escape Han
30 POTF2 figs, Watto's Box, Jabba's Dancers, Jabba's Skiff Guards, Pop-up Cantina & Jabba's Palace
Lego Technic Threepio
I won $150 of gift certificates from yahoo bingo right before they stopped giving prizes.

I think that's it. I might be forgetting some SW stuff...


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The local paper in town ran a comp for a few months where you had to cut coupons out and drop them off in a participating newsagent . they had 15 PS 2's up for grabs and i was one lucky fellow to get one. has seen heaps of use for a while now...

:aussie: :) :) :)


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I won the first give away on this very site! Thanks Bothan Spy!:dance:

I also won the 6' Naboo Fighter store display from my Wal-Mart.:cheers:


I won a $50 gift certificate from playing Yahoo Bingo. Wooki told me about the game after she started to win..then they took the prizes away :(


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A battle ax... Of all things... A battle ax. I ask for a million dollars, I get a frickin' battle ax.

A couple of years ago, I dropped my brother off at a local store that sells those miniature Warhammer figure thingy's. Anyway, I was browsing around waiting for him and the clerk/owner gave me a form to fill out for this contest they were having... I never bothered to ask what it was for. Out of the blue, over 4 months later I get this call from this fellow who told me I won a battle ax.

If you ever want to get a astonished look from your spouse or significant other... Walk in the door with a huge battle weapon, sporting a fantastic Hollywood Conan hero stance and let out an impressing battle cry! It will drive (some) women WILD!!!!


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Primary Targets
A few Mcdonald's games
And that's all I can think of.:(

I am hoping to add Watto's Lotto and the autographed R2-D2 giveaway soon.;)

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I've never won much either. :(

Last year (?) I won a quiz-competition at one of the Star Wars webstores, but the cost of shipping meant it wasn't worth retrieving the prize, so I told them to draw someone else. I also won a Chewbacca shoulder bag and the Star Wars RPG game from the local Star Wars New Zealand Club's competition.

The only other thing I've ever won is a consolation prize in a colouring competition when I was a youngster ... and even then I entered under my younger brother's name and age. :rolleyes:

Edit: Unless you count spam emails, then I appear to have won almost every possible thing on the planet. ;)


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The first thing I won was a signed copy of Spawn #1 way back in 1993 at my local comic shop. Since then i've won a couple mediocre door prizes at comic shows.

However, given that I was unemployed for the better part of the past year, the Force has apparently brought balance to my luck by winning me several online drawings. I've won two from TBS (my first and last prizes, no less) :D

I've won:

Force Flipping Anakin
Saga Endor Soldier
Saga Eeth Koth
Mary Oyaya (Luminara Unduli autograph)
Phil Appleton (Naboo Pilot autograph)
Saga Action Fleet AT-AT & Snowspeeder


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Letsee here. What have i won

12" yellow clone
a few airsoft guns and accesories
Common cards in evolution series
$50 pet store gift certificate
I won a sundae from a hermit crab race in florida
a beanie baby turkey

And a few other things. I'll try to remember them later.

Letsee....how is it that like 3 people have won Ultaramas???


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It seems that I only win Star Wars stuff.
You won't hear me complaining about it though ;)

- Reek (TheBothanSpy.com)
- Dooku w/ speeder (TheBothanSpy.com)
- Jar Jar Naboo Swamp (AllTroops.com)
- PotJ Obi + 10 RealStands (AllTroops.com, credits program)
- Epi I book in Dutch (TeeKay-421.be)
- ... Some other stuff I can't remember

As long as the list keeps growing, I'm going to be a very happy fan :D


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Thanks CC. I noticed it about five minutes after making my prize post. How's that for a coincidence?

I think the Ultarama thing has to do with the fact that Rebelscum and or Yakface have been giving away one a month for a couple years now, and every other SW website has given one away at least once. I must say they are amazing. I'd gladly take more free ones, and I'd even buy some if I had the money.