Hasbro Toyfair Preview...


hey guys

i was there...at the hasbro preview. VERY COOL. the pics posted "live" were uploaded via cellular modem...sometimes life just isnt fair. I'll be posting stuff at sandtroopers tomorrow when i get home.

Action fleet is coming back!!! (just for you J)

Playskool line is interesting. they had the millenium falcon on display. I dont think there have been any pix of that yet.

The force action is kinda neat. Magnets in their hands let them "interact" with their sabers. They had a few figs out to play with. Deluxe flipping obi and count.

They had a "robotic" R2D2 that will be about 100 bucks. Voice activated. Very cool.

The unleased figs had been shown previously. the vader pic (with the gantry) you guys were commenting on before was from the unleased line.

The new figures WILL fit in a star case. I was allowed to try it...

They had a HUGE assortment of new 3 3/4 inch figs...many that we havent seen before, however the chewy and han set were the only obvious ones from the original trilogy... I guess the other 2 WERE endor troopers.

The republic cruiser is huge. The other ships are pretty cool with lots of playability.

And of course the creme de la creme.... the toyfair exclusive silver anniversary vader!

all in all it was a great time... again Ill be posting pix tomorrow night.



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There's a lot of awesome stuff forth-coming, don't know how I'm gonna be able to wait. I'm also happy AF is coming back, that was a welcomed surprise.


toyfair pix...

The darth vader exclusive figure from the show...supposedly a limited run of 2000. They may show up at the fan club later according to sources, but i wont hold my breath!