Happy Birthday Barada!


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Happy Birthday buddy! I'm glad that we have had a chance to meet each other and I always look forward to seeing you in the chat room. Hope you have a great day!

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Thanks guys.

Thanks for the bday wishes Redleader and Borsk. I don't think I'll be around much today. I just finished a 12 hour night shift, and the wife has something special planned for my 30th tonight.

Thanks again, and talk to you soon!



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:king: :rockon: :bday: :wavey: Happy Birthday Barada! Enjoy your "GIFT" from your wife to the fullest... You ol' dogg!:bday: I Hope you get lots of SW goodies for your big 3 - 0! I figure, that's around one SW gift per year.... WAAAHOOOOOOOO!!!!

Cheers buddy!:D

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happy birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Barada! your skiff is on its way buddy

best wishes
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Have a Happy!

Barada, Best wishes on your BIG 30! Gee......your a grownup now! Happy Birthday.:canada: :saber: :balloons: :bday: :rockon:


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Hey Barada,

Although it is a bit late I wanted to send you some birthday wishes. I hope you had a great day and got all of the goodies that you desired.
Look forward to seeing you here or in the chatroom!

Happy Birthday!

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Wow! Thanks for all the wishes everyone! I really feel like you guys are somewhat of an extended family. I came onto this site about two months ago, a complete stranger here to everyone (I didn't come here knowing some people from other sites, like many of you), and I have been accepted so openly from everyone. THIS is what makes Star Wars so special - its ability to bring together many people with one common bond, and to make them one big community.

The 'something special' that my wife had planned for me was a surprise party. She used the disguise of us going to a Christmas party to get me there (at least there's one good thing about having a BDay so close to XMas). I only got a measly one SW item (the 3D Falcon Puzzle from my cousin), but I guess that's because I have almost everything that doesn't require a second mortgage. Ha ha, I wish. All in all, I was happy with everything, and then coming online here and seeing all the responses throughout the day today just put the icing on the cake.

YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!!! :hello:


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Ooops, althought a day has passed, I wanted to wish you a very happy birthday and may you celebrate many more filled with health, love, lots of cash but most of all... STAR WARS TOYS! :)
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