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How many of you collect the Hallmark SW line? Do you think the figures and vehicles offered, are worth the price?

Sadly,:crying: I do not have them all. But...some day!:rolleyes:


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Yep, I got them. I buy them every Dec 26th! They aren't priced bad if you get them half off! I'm really a year behind because I always have to wait until the next Christmas before I can really enjoy the ornaments. It's still fun though and you save a bunch of money. My favorite are the mini ornaments!


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Personally, I think most of them have a high collectablity. Most of the Hallmark stuff does. I buy them every year and I'd say that they are worth the price. Luckily, I don't pay that though.......I have a connection:evil: but I would pay the regular price anyway. I think that they look great mixed in with my collection.


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I recently saw quite a few pieces that were being clearanced out. Well it was actually more along the lines of 2-3 months ago. I didn't pick any up and have no real interest in them at this time.
But I am a very easiyl swayed. I may decide to pick one up and then decide that I have to get them all. :shocked: