Gentle Giant Vader Giveaway


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I would go with an Old Man Obi-Wan, maybe rubbing his chin, or with his hood up and saber ignited.

Either that, or a Ree-Yees bust, but I cant see that happening in my lifetime.




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I like the idea of the old Obi-Wan.

An Anakin updated to Ep 3 look would be good.

Some Hoth outfits would be nice to see. Luke, Han and Leia.

They haven't done Artoo-Detoo but he mihgt make a pretty funny looking bust.

If it were an EU one I'd have to vote for the Dark Trooper.




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I would like to see them do the Biker Scout. Though I can not really figure out why. LOL

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Dark Lord of the Typos're in luck then, because not only have they made a bust, but a superb statue as well. :)


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mynock11 said:
Holy Schnikies batman... I didnt know they made such an awsome statue. that looks great how big is it?
They had it on display at Celebration III. I'd guess that the bike itself is about 9 inches in length.

Darth Boru

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I want one too! Dont have any statues at the moment and dont really intend to get any - except this one, its fantastic!


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I guess my lack of knowledge shows we are not always up on what is out there. However they look great. Would love to get a set for my son.

Then I will have to go with Lt. Renz from R.O.T.J.. I know my good friend Barrie Holland would be rapped if they did.

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ok... time for the Winner announcement, but first i'll give you my 2 cents on what was suggested .....

Aayla Secura I'm really surprised that this one has yet to be made
Admiral Ackbar I'd like to see this one, but I think it's probably quite a ways down the road
Admiral Motti From this list, this would be my top choice
Admiral Thrawn I could live w/o this one, but I'd buy it if they made it
Anakin ep3 I'm sure this one is on ethe way, unless you count the EE burnt Anakin which should be out soon
Dark Trooper I have trouble seeing this one ever make it
Han hoth Hoth versions will probably make it at some point
Imperial Guard This would be a nice one to have
Jabba I'd also like to see this one but I'm not sure that we ever will
Ki-Adi-Mundi It you suggested this before ep3, I would have declined. There was something in his death that made me become a Ki-Adi fan
Kit Fisto Same thing as with Aayla … surprised it hasn't already been made
Leia hoth Hoth versions will probably make it at some point
Luke hoth Hoth versions will probably make it at some point
Max Rebo I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for this one
Old Ben I'm sure he's on the planning board
Plo Koon I'd like to see this one made
Quinlan Vos I could live w/o this one but maybe if they did him like they're doing mara jade
R2-D2 if they did him as a full body, like salacious crumb
Ree Yees I would certainly like to have this one, but it seems doubtful that we will get it (btw, nice to see you posting again rich)
Republic Comando I'm sure this one would be popular and have many variations
Sebulba Not too sure how they would do this one, but another nice one to have
Slave Leia Who wouldn't want this one?
Tsavong Lah um …. Probably not
Wedge Antilles it would be an easy head swap on the xwing luke, could happen
Weequay and who wouldn't want this one either? Just kidding … of course it's got my vote but seems doubtful

Maybe they'll start doing a fan choice mini bust and we can get some of these made … other wise, several of these seem very unlikely.

If i were chosing the winner based on my favorite suggestion, i would have to go with the Motti suggestion made by Hypochondriaac, but we'll probably never see that one and this giveaway is purely random, which makes the winner ......

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