Episode II "Breathless" Trailer - opinions

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Episode II "Breathing" Trailer - opinions

The first appearance of the tease trailer for Episode II was today with the opening of Monsters, Inc.. The only sound heard throughout the trailer was that of Darth Vader breathing, which had to be the coolest part of the whole thing. It was the usual hodge podge of images that give the barest taste of the movie. You saw a breif image of Jango Fett and what must of been his ship (it was Firespray class), and numerous other scenes showing Obi-Wan, Amidala, Anakin, even Watto.

This was as good as you could expect from a teaser trailer, leaving one hungry for more. This thread is open to you to give your opinions of the trailer, but please don't add any spoiler information you may have. Wild, uninformed speculation, is as always, welcome.



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I liked the trailer, it looks very dark, which I think will be great ;)

Can't wait to see the second trailer with Harry Potter in 2 weeks!!


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I LOVED IT!!! Nothing bad you will hear from me...hummmmm!....yeesssss. Strong in the darkside I am!:p

I would like to get a better close at those clones they're loading onto those ships! And, A better look at that CG Yoda! VERY nicely done!

As for Monsters Inc., I thought it was excellent! Once again, Pixar comes up with a winner! Great story, kick-butt characters and top notch computer graphics... Couldn't stop laughing!:rotfl:


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I saw it tonight. Very impressive with the quick flashes that I saw. I can't wait either for the full trailor! Harry Potter here I come!:saber:


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The teaser looked awesome
I am ready to download it come monday
got all the stuff required quicktime 5
cant wait for the trailer with harry potter


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The teaser trailer

The trailer was great. I saw it on Norwegian NRK2. But!
Yoda looked like ****. I saw at once that he was cgi. The film is going to excellent. The little scene where you see obiwan and Annakin fighting and the scene where you see all the clones, they are the best.

I am so lookng forward to the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You may have noticed, but I made an error with the title of the trailer. Its in fact "Breathing", not Breathless. Sorry for any confusion.


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I took the kids to see Monster Inc. Loved the movie but the teaser for Star Wars was awesome!
The scenes shown where breathtaking. This movie is going to be amazing can't wait to see it. (hopefully with BanthaButt :hello: )
Take care, BowmanvilleBri:p


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is it me or does the scene with the kids hooked up to the computers seem kinda spooky or eerie to anyone?
the whole trailer seems spooky or eerie
I would hate to hear the phone ring in the middle of the night and pick up and hear Vaders breathing like in the teaser
:eek: :eek: that would scare the living daylights out of me really it would