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at this point if it's A then DarkJediCB ties schmuck man and it goes to a two person runoff, if it's B then Yoda Man ties schmuck man and it goes to a two person runoff, if it's C then schmuck man wins... any way you look at it unless gatorfett changes his vote then schmuck man is in like Flint... although he might lose in extra innings...


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I would first like to thank everyone who played in this game or in any of our games. With these types of games, when you get towards the end, the chances for some or most of winning are gone and it's nice to see most everyone continue to play for the sake of playing. This time, it seemed like we had more people than normal get down to the last couple of rounds with a good chance to win.
I know that most of you, if not all of you play out lotto game and if you have not already seen it, there is a poll that invites you to share your ideas on rule changes. you can find that here ......

we'll assign and draw numbers for the lotto raffle towards the end of this coming week and star a new round of the lotto the following week.

I will also be changing our regular giveaway today from the X-Wing Fighter to Anakin's starfighter, so be sure to enter for that.

ok.......back to this game...........


Thestandings after day 7 ..........

15 schmuck man
15 Yoda Man
14 gatorfett
14 xwing25
13 DarkJediCB
13 obre
12 cplfreezer
11 Black Robot
11 Carl Waterworth
11 darkside449
11 darthskellington
11 Rancisis
11 Zepp
9 chilaquil66
9 Jaguar
9 nack5811
9 Phoenix7_1025
8 Cornfritter
8 mynock11
8 Nightwing
6 rogueace2000
5 Darth Boru
1 vader419

As you can see we have a tie. I need those two players, schmuck man and yoda man, to play one more round. choose A,B or C but do not choose the letter that the other player chose. First come first serve. Once i get both entries, i'll do the final playoff round and announce the winner.


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Congrats YodaMan! The type of contest where you win are always the best :p

Too bad I've forgotten what the prize was. I'll have ot look again when I have a faster connection and more time :D