Collectible of the Day 071 - Pepsi Cooler


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Collectible of the Day​


Today’s collectible is an R2-D2 cooler by Pepsi. These stood about 4 feet tall and could hold ice and beverages inside the dome. These were first available around the release of Episode I, and was found in convenient stores and grocery stores. It was re-released for Revenge of the Sith, and had a logo on it with the movie title. These pop up for sale on message boards and eBay from time to time, but usually for local pick-up only.


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It doesn't say the collectible of the day has to be Warren's. ;) It's a very nice collectible! I need to come to your house for Halloween one year, we can give away cans of Pepsi in the Artoo cooler and wear Star wars costumes. :lightnin: