Birthday Shoutouts!


Very Happy Birthday to TBS moderator Darth Aussie, who turns 37 years young today. Stay out of the swill, Boy Wonder from Down Under - we have a date next year at CIII!!! ;)

:balloons: :bday:

Also, I'd like to extend further birthday wishes to JEDIFREIJAN and leejoejayp, who turn 29 and 31 respectively.

I hope you all receive whatever birthday wishes you have asked for.




Very sorry Dustrho - somehow I missed it. A very happy belated birthday to you, and I hope your 31st was memorable. :balloons: :bday:

While I'm at it, congrats on your new ST position too. :hello:



Dark Lord of the Typos
Yes congrats and Happy belated Dustrho :) I think I was working four double shifts in a row that week and only hit the spy every other day. Sorry :whoops: I always try to give a shout out to a familiar name.


S.C.A.L.P. Wpns Supplier
Thanks for the birthday wishes guys. I was just giving ya crap about forgetting my birthday, but thanks for wishing it to me anyway. :)

Darth Aussie

Australian Sith Lord
Thanks guys, feeling very old indeed. time to get out my Emperors
Barada, i haven't forgotten our date indeed at C3. should be a fantastic time i'm sure we'll sample the local ale (or two). Dustrho, hope you had a great day also.....