Articulation and figures....


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Would you like to see more articulation in the SW figure line?
I'm thinking more like what the Luke figure had from the CTC wave.


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In most cases I would say yes, but sometimes I think they are just fine. I mean Ketwal could have used elbow and wrist joints, but Knee joints? Forget it. Some things work, some don't.


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Sometimes I feel that a figure could greatly benefit by some added articulation. The Jedi figures stick out right here. These figures are meant to be played with and posed. However the majority of the Jedi figures are statues. I am excluding the Kenobi's and Jinn's here and am mainly referring to Sae Sae Tinn, Plo Koon and the sort.
I don't want to see a figure that is articulated just to have 12 points of movement. I think Hasbro has done a pretty good job lately in this area. The upcoming Zutton (Snaggletooth) and Rebel Fleet Trooper should be awesome figures with the added articulation.