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After the fight scene between Obi-Wan and Jango Fett at Kamino, as Jango runs up the walkway into his ship, the door closes from above and knocks Jango in the head as he enters. I'm fairly sure that who shot is computer generated, so it must have been deliberate - a little nod to the Storm trooper in Star Wars, perhaps?

During the sequence where Obi-wan goes to meet Yoda regarding the abscence of Kamino from the Jedi Archives, look closely at the collection of children Yoda is training. While most are human, there is one that is alien, with a reptilian face of dark skin. He sure moves fast, because at first he is at the back in the centre of the group of trainees, in the next shot he is at the fron of the group of trainees, and by the end of the scene, he is on the far left, yet we never see him, or any of the other children, move.

In the arena scene, Anakin's pillar already has a chain hanging from the top before he is led to it, however, when he is led to the pillar, the chain is no longer there, and a new one is hoisted to the top by the flying Geonosian guard.

When Anakin is fighting the geonosis guards in the droid factory, he does a backwards roll to avoid being hit, while doing so he rolls right on one of the molten pieces of metal on the conveyor belt...

Just a small visual error on behalf of computer animation. On Geonesis, after Anakin and Senator Amidala get out of the ship in the steamvent area. Anakin ducks under a doorway on his way into the droid production factory, but if you look closely, his head goes "through" the doorway a bit. This is most likely due to the fact that the doorway was computer generated onto a blue screen, and "Anakin" didn't duck correctly.

After landing at Geonosis to save Obi-Wan, Anakin and Padme have a brief discussion in the ship next to C3PO and R2D2. Then they walk down the small hall and exit the ship to the right. R2 and C3PO then have a discussion. A few moments later R2 and 3PO leave the ship...but exit to the left.

When C3PO losses his head in the droid factory. He wanders toward the assembly line, filled with droids being fit with heads. Suddenly he is shown stepping into an open spot on the previously full conveyor. Where did this "open space" come from?

In the introduction, when text flows across the screen, the words "ten thousand solar systems" appear. Strictly speaking, there is only one Solar system - ours. A star with planets is a "star system", our star is called "Sol", hence, the Solar System. This trivial error is made in many sci-fi films, BUT the Star Wars series has never fallen into this error before. Remember Episode IV, where Leia says something like, "The more you tighten your grip, the more star systems will slip through your fingers" (and that's only one example). So why, why, why has George Lucas allowed such a trivial but irksome error to be made here?

In the arena battle, the creature that looks like a crab is a complete StarCraft rip off of the Lurker - click here to see it.

When Dooku tries to make the tower fall on Ben and Anakin, why does Yoda struggle so much to levitate it and move it out the way, when in episode V he gives Luke a lecture about things not being heavy for a Jedi?


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During the scene in which Anakin Skywalker is en route to the Tusken camp in search of his mother, in which he is riding a speeder bike, there is only one sun in the sky. This planet supposedly has two.

On Tatooine, Amidala presses a button to retransmit the message from Obi-wan. A moment later, she presses the same button to bring up the map showing Obi-wan's location and the distances between Tatooine and Couruscant. Not only does this same button do double duty, but with one press it knows she wants to show the location of the three planets.

When Amidala & Anakin are eating and he cuts her a piece of the fruit and "floats" it back to her, the bite appears in the fruit a split second before she actually eats it.

When Amidala and some of the clone troopers get blown out of the ship chasing Dooku, later the trooper approaches Amidala and asks about making their way back to the front lines, but Amidala says they should go to the hangar to help Obi-Wan and Ani. How did she know about the hangar, having left the ship quite some time before it arrived at the final destination?

When Padme gets her back scratched she seems to bleed. Even though she is wearing all white, and the scratches seems to be deep, her white top remains squeaky clean during the rest of the movie and does not get dirty from her wound.

In an early scene with Yoda talking to Mace Windu in the Jedi council room, he sits on his little Jedi throne balancing his hands atop his cane. As the shots change angle, the cane isn't there. To top it off, Yoda's hands remain as if still atop the cane...

How is it that one slash on Amidala's back ripped off the entire midriff of her shirt, and both of her sleeves?

In the fight scene between Yoda and Count Dooku, Jedi powers crumble part of the roof, which then falls to the floor. Later in the scene, after the hand to hand combat, the roof mess has miraculously vanished - none of it remains on the floor.

When Anakin and Padme are standing outside the Lars' house, we see their shadows projected on to the side of the house (with Anakin's shadow looking worryingly like Darth Vader's). However, in the next shot their shadows have moved about 4 feet to the left.

During the sequence where Obi-wan goes to meet Yoda regarding the abscence of Kamino from the Jedi Archives, look closely at the collection of children Yoda is training. While most are human, there is one that is alien, with a reptilian face of dark skin. He sure moves fast, because at first he is at the back in the centre of the group of trainees, in the next shot he is at the fron of the group of trainees, and by the end of the scene, he is on the far left, yet we never see him, or any of the other children, move.

On Tatooine when Anakin first gets on to the swoop bike, two legs which the bike is standing (hovering) on is visible. This is even so while he is racing along tatooine landscape. These legs are no longer visible when he returns with Shmi.


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When Palpatine is speaking to the Jedi very near the beginning, the ships in the suspended invisible freeways on the background are always going on the same pattern. Notice that there is an elongated ship with a large rear tip, and then two smaller ships always seem to catch it at the same time. This goes on for about 3 minutes.

When Yoda and Mace listen to the Senate voting Palpatine emergency powers, Yoda starts on the top ledge nearest the Senate chamber. When the shot changes he has moved down onto a different ledge which wasn't there before.

When Anakin is getting ready to ride off after his mother, you can see a small pile of boxes right next to his shadow that is being cast on the side of the Lars' house. Amidala comes out and we see their shadows, and the boxes have gone. Then when Anakin gets on the hoverbike and rides off, the boxes return.

In the scene where Anakin and Padme are about to eat, Anakin uses the force to levitate her pear-like fruit to his plate. He then proceedes to cut it pretty much in half. However, the piece he sends over to her is much smaller than half - we even see the remainder of the pear on his plate which is substantially larger than it was in the shot before.

When Anakin jumps off the speeder when they are chasing Zen the assassin and drops to land on Zen's craft, you can see a bulge in the back of his costume that is obviously the shackle which the cable that is holding him is attached to.

In the scene on Geonosis where the droids are closing in on the remaining Jedi, the camera keeps cutting close and cutting back out. In only two of these changes is a blue Twilek visible. She has disappeared in the other camera angles.

On Tatooine when Anakin first gets on to the swoop bike, two legs which the bike is standing (hovering) on is visible. This is even so while he is racing along tatooine landscape. These legs are no longer visible when he returns with Shmi's body.

when Obi-wan tries to apprehend Jango fett, Jango has 2 blasters. What happens to the other one, after it shows one blaster knocked to the ledge?

At the start of the movie, when the ship on the platform explodes, it visibly knocks off one of the nubian fighters in the lower left. However, there still is the one Padme's security officer was in, and in a different shot, there are two side by side, equaling 4 fighters, but the very first few shots only show 3 escorting the senator's ship.

In the bar scene on Coruscant, when Anakin is tracking Zam Wessel through the bar, his Jedi braid changes sides - it is on the left side of his head in a shot where he is seen from behind. At all other times in the movie, the braid is on the right side of his head.


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When Anakin is fighting Count Dooku, he takes Ben's blue light sabre in his left hand, in the next shot he is holding it in his right hand.

Earlier in the movie Padme is packing her luggage to leave Coruscant (while she is talking to Anakin). In one shot she has a red folded garment in her hands and in the next one she is putting some dark stuff into her case.

When Anakin is crying on Tattooine, he starts to cry and the tears are running down his face, but then they disappear and his face is completely dry, then there are more tears, and the same thing happens again.

As Padme and Anakin are about to leave their ship to save Obi-Wan right after landing in the exhaust shaft, she puts on a shawl-like piece of cloth over her shoulders facing forward. When they exit the ship, the shawl is suddenly backwards, with the two ends hanging behind her instead of in front of her.

When Obi-Wan goes to the water planet and talks to the Prime Minister in his office. The alien is of course computer generated. When the actors do their blue screen work, markers are put up for them to look at so that when the finished shot is done, and the alien is put in, it looks like they're looking at the alien. In this scene, Obi-Wan is clearly not looking at the alien. (On one of the "making of" trailers at you can hear George Lucas jokingly say "Eye-lines! I don't care about no stinking eye-lines," and the scene behind him is Obi-Wan talking to the alien...)

When Anakin and Padme are disguised as refugees? and are eating their meal in the hold of a ship with many other passengers. Padme leans forward to get some food, when the camera angle changes she is sitting upright in her seat against the chair back.

When Anakin and Padme enter the exhaust shaft, they land on a convenient landing pad. Why is there a landing pad in an exhaust shaft?

When Anakin and Obi-Wan are going up the lift to meet Padme, the lift is on the right hand edge of the building so when they get out they can physically only turn left. however they get out, meet Jar-Jar, and turn right.

As Anakin and Amidala are landing on Tattooine, the sun on the set and the sun reflection off their ship are in different directions. The double sun would not account for this, as they are not far enough apart.

When Anakin is on Tatooine talking to Watto, there are two of Watto's worker-droids visible in the background between them (behind Anakin, screen left). In front of these droids is a box, presumably theirs to carry. In the very next shot, which shows Anakin leaving with Watto, the droids are still there, but the box is nowhere in sight.


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When Obi-Wan is on Geonosis secretly listening to Count Dooku's plan with the seperatists. If Dooku is such a great Jedi/Sith wouldn't he be able to sense Obi-Wan there listening?

At the beginning of the scene where Anakin and Amidala are getting off the "train", R2-D2 is struggling down the stairs some way behind them. Their conversation flows continuously, but as soon as Anakin says "we've got R2 with us", R2-D2 is handily immediately behind them.


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At the begining of the other films after all the text has gone up the screen, the camera scrolls down. But after the text on this film, the camera scrolls up. Anyone know if that means anything?

When Anakin is walking around the bar in Corusant looking for the changling, he passes by Ahmed Best, the voice of Jar Jar Binks, and we also see Anthony Daniels, who plays C3-P0

When Anakin tells Padme that he killed all the Tuskin Raiders, (the "I killed them, I killed them all..." speech) it is an almost word for word copy of Ralph Macchio's speech in 1983's "The Outsiders".

Not a mistake, but a nice touch. After Obi-Wan dives through the window, the next morning as Padme's packing we see from outside and inside shots little robots flying in a replacement sheet of glass and welding it into place. Nice attention to detail, Mr. Lucas...

Samuel L. Jackson is reported to have "B.M.F." engraved into the handle of his lightsaber. B.M.F. is short for "Bad Mother F***er" and was written on Jules' (Samuel L. Jackson) wallet in Pulp Fiction (1994).

In the Senate Room scene, when Jar Jar is proposing to give Palpatine more power, I'm almost 100% sure you can see the Lost-In-Space robot in the lower left-hand corner.

When Yoda is training a group of young Jedi and Obi-wan walks in, Yoda addresses one of the children as "Liam," a nod to Liam Neeson, who played Qui-Gon in Episode I.

The Jedi who throws the lightsabers to Anakin and Obi-wan in the Geonosian Arena battle is Steve Sansweet, who works for Lucasfilm as an archivist, is an author of Star Wars books and collector of mercandise.


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Anakin and Padme are introduced to the charming Lars family; the next day, they effectively steal C3-P0. What's up with that? [I thought this for a while, but thinking about it, Anakin built C3-P0, so he was technically only leant to his mother, so is arguably entitled to take it back]

When Anakin visits Cliegg Lars on Tatooine, it has only been 10 years since he left his mother. Ten years is not long enought for her to have been sold by Watto, marry Lars and have a fully grown child.[Common misconception - Owen is Anakin's step brother, not half brother. He's Cliegg's son (presumably from an earlier marriage), not Cliegg and Shmi's son.]

When Boba Fett picks up his dad's helmet (presumably with head still inside) it is remarkably lightweight. [Jango Fett's head flew free of his shoulders and fell out of his helmet - you can see two separate shadows if you look closely.]

Amidala is slashed across the back in the arena by one of the creatures. Later, when she falls out of the ship and onto the sand, the slashes have disappeared. [Not true - they're narrow slashes, and given that her top moves up and down a bit they're sometimes covered, sometimes not]

Yoda walks around with a walking stick, so how on Earth does he fight Dooku like he does? [Yoda can channel the force to an amazing degree when he needs to]

During the scenes that take place on Tatooine, notice that people and objects cast just one shadow. Tatooine is a world with two suns. Would not two suns cast two shadows? [No, because they're quite close together. I'm also not sure if one's much brighter than the other].

If R2D2 can fly, why does he bother with that awkward method of climbing stairs? [He's almost certainly got limited fuel, and so he wouldn't waste it on trivial things like climbing stairs when he can manage that normally, albeit slowly].

So, a clone army is being developed, supposedly for the Republic. The template they are using for the cloning is Jango Fett, who is an ally to Count Dooku. Yet, when the Clone Army of the Republic goes to Genoisis and they are fighting Dooku, he’s wondering how the Jedi managed to come up with such an army so quickly... [Dooku knew about the army all along. He was pretending so his "gang members" wouldn't think he was turning on them because he hadn't used them to fulifll their purpose yet. He and the soon to be Emporer had it all worked out as stated in the end "Everything is going as planned."]

When Dooku tries to make the tower fall on Ben and Anakin, why does Yoda struggle so much to levitate it and move it out the way, rather than just pulling/pushing Ben and Anakin away? [Obi Wan and Anakin were both obviously unconcious and hurt. It would be dangerous to try to move them in such a way. They needed to be checked over first.]

When Obi-wan sees Count Dooku on his speeder, and Anakin says "shoot it down," the clone responds that they're out of missiles. What about the fact that the assualt ships are bristling with lasers? [Count Dooku obviously knows about the clone army, and the clones are probably under instructions not to take out Dooku, so they use the excuse of having no missiles.]

Why is it that C3-P0 reconises Padme and Anakin, but doesn't know who Obi-Wan is, when in Phantom he had known Obi-Wan for as long as he had known Padme. [Not true - C3-P0 stays in town with the Skywalkers the entire time, whereas Obi-Wan stays on their ship. The two of them never meet. Obi-Wan doesn't really have much contact with either of the droids in Episode I or II, if you think about it, except in passing (he spends far more time with R4 in this film), and I expect that'll stay true in Episode III too, making his "I don't recall owning a droid" comment in Episode IV entirely accurate, as he won't have been around them enough to remember them more than any other droid. It's quite nicely done really.]

After the battle between the Jedi and the droids, C3-P0 and R2-D2 are left in the ampitheatre-like building, but at the end of the movie they are at Anakin and Padme's wedding. [So? Obviously a reasonable length of time passes (long enough for the Jedi to return to Coruscant, and Anakin/Padme to Naboo), so who's to say that someone didn't go and pick them up?]

The Millennium Falcon can be seen in the scene when Anakin and Padme fly to Naboo early in the film. (This is the CG scene of the ship landing) It is visible in the bottom-left corner parked on the ground. [Not necessarily - the Millennium Falcon is merely a modified Corellian freighter].

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I noticed that Obi-wan looked over Jar Jar's head, rather than into his eyes in their scene together after the Zam Wessle chase scene.

Aparently, Ewan has trouble with the "eye-line" concept.


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The only thing that bothers me about everything is why wouldn't Owen recognize Threepio in ANH? The droid worked on his farm for up to ten years... The gold casing could throw him off for a minute, but when he says he's C3PO and programmed for etiquette and protocol, I like to think something would have clicked with Owen there. I don't know how this one's going to be explained. Maybe Tommy Lee and Will Smith will show up and give him a little flash of "forgetting light." Any ideas?


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1) Owen doesn't spend much screen time with the droids in ANH.

2) When the Lars clan had C-3P0 the first time, he was probably chasing after Beru (that fox). And, he *probably* wouldn't be particularly interested in goldenrod.

3) I'm a little fuzzy on the time reference between e2 and e4, but I figure we're talking about at least 30 years, right? I can buy forgetting about 3P0 after not seeing him for 30 years.
Anyway, those are the excuses I could come up for to explain away the problem (other than the MIB scenario). I haven't read any official statements on the subject.


In ANH, 3PO never reveals his name to Owen. Owen approaches him and says "I suppose you're programmed for etiquette and protocol". 3PO's response confirmed it, but he never introduced himself or R2 by name until the oil bath when only Luke was around. At dinner, they were only referred to as the droids, and Owen also called them the droids in the morning, when he was looking for Luke who had already left. Luke never saw him alive again. I'm sure Owen had seen many R2 units and 3PO lookalikes in the 30 years, and never suspected they were the same two.



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Amshak, it was very cool how u found all that stuff out but i saw one mistake. When u stated that when on tatooine anikin was on his speeder
and only one moon was showing instaed of two, well couldnt it be that the other moon had already setted?


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episode X posted these

In the wedding scene at the end of AotC, Anakin flex his new mechanical hand and the camera pans up. In the digital print of the film, Padmé holds his hand.

Look for a few cameos in the nightclub on Coruscant: Anthony Daniels, Ahmed Best, and George Lucas' daughter (as the pink Twilek who eyes Anakin).

When Padmé and Anakin first arrive on Naboo, you can see two Corellian ships, similar to the Millennium Falcon, already landed on the far left.

The creatures that Anakin rides on Naboo took a lot of abuse from ILM. Apparantly, you can see one floating in the asteroid field where Obi-Wan chases Jango (and visa-versa), and another is on fire somewhere in the final battle scene.

Just before Obi-Wan interupts Yoda teaching his class you can see a Jedi duck milling about.

Watch Elan Sleazebaggano's death stick disappear with a twirl of his fingers.

The Red Imperial Guards from the Empire Strikes Back can be seen in the background when Palpatine meets with the Jedi Council at the beginning of the film. They can also be seen in the background at the end of the movie when Palpatine is watching the Clone army.

When Anakin is talking to Padmé after he returns from killing the Tusken Raiders, look in the background for Luke's Landspeeder from ANH.

Is that George Lucas? He makes a cameo in the senate when Palpatine takes power. Just after he finished speaking the camera goes to a wide shot. In one of the pods on the right is a man in normal 'Earth' clothes with grey curly hair, and even a wristwatch.

You can see Lucas' famous 1138 (which makes an appearance in someform in all his movies) on the back of a Clone Trooper just after the Federation Ship plummets to earth kicking up a dust cloud.

Just after Anakin opens up a can of whoop-ass on the Tusken Raiders, the shot cuts to Yoda. That is Qui-Gon Jinn's voice yelling 'Anakin'.

See if you can spot Ray Park, who can apparently be seen, 'unmasked', in the Jedi Arena battle near the end of the film.

Look out for some TIE Fighters and X-Wings, which can be seen during the chase sequence through Coruscant.

In Obi-Wans spaceship, when he is trying to send a message to Anakin, you can see the word 'Panavision' on his display.

Look for R5-D4, the astromech droid that blows it's lid in A New Hope, rolling by when Anakin and Padmé make their way to see Watto.

Look for the infamous Imperial Insignia on Obi-Wan's ship, as well as on the helmets of some Clone Troopers.

In one of the senate scenes, apparently there are some aliens from an ILM-made Budweiser commercial which was shown during the 2001 SuperBowl (It features a dog who turns into an alien and returns to his ship with a "Wassssssup!" message).
Is that Joey Fatone from N'Sync tossing a lightsaber to Anakin in the arena battle?

Yoda asks 'Liam', a child in his class, to close the blinds. Is this a little tribute to Liam Neeson who played Qui-Gon Jinn in The Phantom Menace?

On the screen in the Night Club, it looks like everyone is watching an updated version of Cyberball - the old Sega Genesis game of football played by robots.
As Anakin and Padmé cross the bridge when they arrive in Naboo, look out for the Gungans in the background speaking their native tongue. It's a nice touch showing how the two cultures are now living in harmony, ten years after the events in The Phantom Menace.

When Padmé falls from the LAAT during the final battle, the dust forms the word ILM (Can someone confirm this?)

Watch out for the Jedi's in the background of the arena battle doing some serious droid damage with two lightsabers at a time.

Is that Sebulba who mutters "Jedi Poodoo" during the chase sequence on Coruscant? Or is that him in the diner?

You can see the shadow of Jango's head leaving the helmet out of shot after it gets lopped off. Wouldn't it be sick if poor Boba lifted up the helmet only to have his dad's head slip out?

A few people wrote in saying that a bust of George Lucas can be seen in the back of the library. There is a bearded fellow there, but is it him?

At the end of the library scene, after the lady 'helps' Obi-Wan a little boy arrives in the background and waits for her. That boy is Jett Lucas, George's son.

The droid waitress at Dex's Diner has a name tag that reads 'Flo' in Aurebesh letters.

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Originally posted by AmShak
When Obi-Wan is on Geonosis secretly listening to Count Dooku's plan with the seperatists. If Dooku is such a great Jedi/Sith wouldn't he be able to sense Obi-Wan there listening?

Well how else did the Droidekas find him? And Dooku was busy talking, so he could have sensed Ob1 and not said anything just yet. It's a possibility.

And the blue Twi'lek that keeps disappearing is Aayla Secura. In a scene that didn't make it to the final movie, Plo Koon and Ki-Adi-Mundi were supposed to raid a Trade Federation Droid Control Ship. They turned off the droids (which were going to turn on again anyway). Aayla Secura was part of this group of Jedi that went with Master Koon and Master Mundi, I presume. Another possibility.

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And Episode X is messed up. I don't know about the Dug in the car, but the Dug in Dex's Diner was Rednax, as TFN puts it.

Did you guys say anything about the Coca-Cola can in the first kissing scene at the Varykino Lake Retreat?