All-Con Dallas 2009 recap


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Warren and I got home from All-Con Dallas at midnight thirty. We had to skip Sunday's events because I had to work. Boo!! But we had a fun 2 days.

Let me try to remember what we did.

Friday we met up with Warren's fellow royal guard friend Stephen and his friend Z. We mingled around the con a little bit since it was about noon and nothing really started until 3. Then the boys put on their robes and we walked around some more, taking pics and having ppl stop the guys to get pics of them. I wore my Rotta the Hutt backpack, so everywhere I went people yelled, "Stinky!" It kind of gave me a complex. :p

Then we went to the dealer room where the celebs were.
here is the list of who was there:

Ken Lally, "Albert Wesker", Resident Evil 5 / "The German", Heroes
Candace Kita, Masked Rider, Son of the Beach, Running with Scissors
Peter Mayhew, "Chewbacca", Star Wars EP III, IV, V, VI
Burton Gilliam, Blazing Saddles / Back To The Future III
James Hampton, Slingblade / Teen Wolf / The Longest Yard / F-Troop
Ginny McQueen, Cosplay Guest of Honor
Aaron Douglas, BSG

Ken Lally was really cool, we went to his Q&A and got an autograph from him at his table. Everytime he saw Warren in his outfit he would yell "Down with the Empire" and he took Stinky from me and sniffed him and said he didn't smell bad. :p I have to rewatch his Heroes ep b/c I don't remember it. He was saying he was Ali Larter's character's brother.

We also went to a vacuum forming demo class which was really cool. We learned all we need is a kitchen oven and a shopvac and we can vac form our own stuff. Now we can build our own armor and props. ;)

Then we went to dinner with about 30 ppl from the 501st and Rebel Legion and Peter Mayhew and his wife Angie. It was fun. We chatted with some 501st guys from Kansas who had driven down for the con.

We called it a night pretty early because we were wiped out. We were going to see Rocky Horror, put I was too tired.

Saturday we went to a panel about Japanese food in pop culture and anime, and later that day we went to a bentou box lunch making class and got to try some different delicacies like takoyaki (octopus balls) and narutomaki (pinwheel fish cakes). I made my bentou box lunch in the shape of Hello Kitty. :) I have pictures on the camera...

Then Warren went to the 501st photo shoot, which took FOREVER...and I walked around and took some pics of ppl in costumes.

We found some neat things in the dealer's room, I bought a raspberry beret, a Death Note keychain, and Peter Mayhew's autograph. Warren got a Darth Maul mug that he needed, a lightsaber remote control and applause figure of Jabba and Han and a baggie full of Taco Bell ep 1 toys.

They had a costume contest on Saturday night. with some really neat costumes. We didn't stay for the winners, but I think the best on was an RC costume from Transformers Animated. It was really nice!!

I can't think of anything else right now...maybe Warren can fill in the gaps. :p It was really fun! I was wishing I had a costume to wear, but I will next time.

Pics are here:


Looks like you all had a great time! LOL! I love the shots of Warren and Z getting 'knocked out" by Rotta the Hutt. :D



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501st Pictures taking too long. Never. We had 2% of the legions guards at this con. Count them 4 royal guards.

Also Warren is Officially Property of the Empire. A little birdy said he wasn't allowed to have royal guard Groupies. :)

And thats not Z who got knocked down Thats the Detachment XO for Sovereign Protectors. I think I know that guy.