A question for all you SW nuts!


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What characters would you like to see transformed into a 12" collectible?
(It can also include vehicles, comics or novels)

I would love to see the following:
-Bothan :D
-Swoop w/Swoop dude
-Probe Droid
-Fett w/Slave 1 (a person can dream can't they?)
-Gamorrean Guard (they better deliver on their promise)
-Salacious Crumb
-Grand Admiral Thrawn w/Ysalamiri
-Ephant Mon
-Sy Snootles
-Max Rebo and friend!
-Jabba w/Bib Fortuna 2 pack
-Rancor (okay, okay, I know, it would be HUGE! but another on to the wish list!)
-Imp. Guard (SOTE)
-AT-ST (I think this could be possible!)
-Nien Nunb
-Yak Face
-AT-ST Driver
-Endor Rebel Soldier
-Dash Rendar
-AT-PT w/Driver
-Cloud Car w/Pilots (now that would be a neat set!)
-Nute Gunray / Rune Haako 2 pack
-Blood Carver
-B'omarr Monk
-Yuuzhan Vong
-Any of the Sith concepts (EP1 Art of SW booklet from Spec. Edn box set)
-I would love to see concept characters in 3D!

I left a whole bunch out, so hopefully someone out there will come up with some kick-butt ideas!


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I really like the entire list. If I had to pick just one, I would pick the AT-ST Driver or better yet make it a General Veers 12" and round out the Hoth Crew. Hasbro I hope ypur listening! :rotate:


Scout and Bounty Hunter
my faves

My wish list?

Jek Porkins
More astromech droids
Obi-wan and Qui-Gonn in the Jedi Training Gear
More Jedi Council Members
A new Boba Fett
Jango Fett
More Bounty Hunters


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really cool ideas guys!

I think Tristin hit it on the head. I would love to have the entire Jedi Council. Plo Koon would rule!!!!!
For the first three movies I would like to see the following:
1. Cantina Aliens....all of em!
2. Banthas (kinda partial to them i guess)
3. Scout Trooper by himself!
4. Tie Fighter, would that be cool or what!!
5. The Lars family..(Owen and Beru)
6. Battle damaged Lars family....( just kidding!!)
7. Rebel Hoth Soldier
8. Cloud Car Pilot
9. Lobot
10. The Falcons Cockpit( so's I can make a diorama with Luke, Han, Chewie and Ben saying "THATS NO MOON....IT'S A SPACE STATION"!!
I will think of more later. I have to go now!


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Here's some...

Security battle droids
The big alien from Watto's Box
Darth Sidious

Gonk droid

Mara Jade
Clone Emperor

There are a few good ones to make! I think it would be awesome to have a big Jabba!


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I like all the ideas!

My overall favourite to be made would probably be Mara Jade
Or Kyle Katarn... those 12 inch figures I can imagine in my mids eye would look very nice if they were ever to be made.

:) :D


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I would love to see HammerHead done in the 12" line.
I would also love to see any characters from Jabbas' Palace!
:D BowmanvilleBri


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Rock on Bowmanville Bri!! That is a great Idea!! Of course, I am such a 12" nut, I would like any 12" that was made.

BanthaButt :hurl:


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These wishlists are always fun...

Here goes...

Episode One:

Nute Gunray (one of my favorite things about the 12"ers are the soft goods & Nute's intricate robes...while challenging...could be real eye-catchers)

Captain Panaka Again, the soft goods would be interesting (but make sure the helmet is removable!

Gungun Warrior I really like the Tarpals figure and the warrior could come with the pike accessory.

I would also like to see some Jedi Council Members, but I have a feeling we may get a few (Plo Koon, Ki Adi Mundi & hopefully, Adi Gallia!) in the Episode II line.

A New Hope:

Rebel Trooper The new 3/4 version is real good...it would be great to have a highly detailed 12" version of one too...

Momaw Nandon I love the idea of more alien 12" figures, and some non-humanoid ones are long overdue (hey, we got a few from EpOne, so it's not totally out of the question!)

Empire Strikes Back

Captain (or Admiral) Piett We need more Imperial figures in the 12" line, and this character would be a good choice, as he carrys over into the next film...

Ugnaughts 2 pack They's go great with the Han Carbon chamber from the Target set a few years back....

Princess Leia in Bespin Gown We've had nice figures of Amidala in some royal finery...let's not leave her daughter out...

Return of the Jedi

Lando Calrissian (Skiff Guard Disguise) This would be a visually interesting piece and another chance to add our favorite rogue to the collection again...

Gammorean Guard Yes, this one was rumored a while back & after the great job Hasbro did with Boss Nass...another character that required a specialized body...it's not that outrageous an idea. If I could only pick ONE figure for Hasbro to do in the 12" line...this one would be it.

Expanded Universe

Mara Jade There aren't enough strong women characters as figures yet and Ms. Skywalker would be a great addition.

Yuuzon Vong Warrior From the descriptions in the "New Jedi Order" novels, these bad guys could make a really cool figure.

"Sith Training" Darth Maul I like the new deluxe version so much I'd like to see an action collection version of the shirtless Maul.

These are just some of the ones I'd like to see hit the drawing board before the collections's over....