1:72 scale Millennium Falcon


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Hell ya!... With the kind of detail the Japanese model manufacturers can achieve today, this kit should/would be a great addition to anyone's model collection.

Personally, I am a HUGE fan of the original Nitto model kits from 1985. I bought my first one that same year and immedietly got hooked. For their time, it was the most detailed kit you could by. Kow Yokoyama is the master behind these amazing vehicles. If you have ever seen these babies, and love model building, git one!
Check it out! http://www.trooperpx.com/SF3D/SF3D00.html
Folks who live in the US or in Europe have a better & easier time finding these kits. Shipping them and buying them while in Canada... Not so easy...

Here are a few websites for those of you who would be interested!

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That Falcon looks great! Might need to take a few weeks (maybe months) off work to get it built though. Thats a LOT of parts.