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Mr. Quarshie has appeared in numerous movies and television series. Most recently he had a long run as character Ric Griffin in the series Holby City. In addition to television and voice-acting, Mr. Quarshie is a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company and was awarded the 1986 London Critics Circle Theatre Award for Best Actor for his performance in The Great White Hope. Star Wars fans know him best as Captain Panaka, the Queen’s head of security in The Phantom Menace. He has also appeared in other cult sci-fi classics as Red Dwarf, Wing Commander, and the original Highlander movie.

You can check out Mr. Quarshie’s IMDB page here: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0702934/

Star Wars Insider Magazine issue 40 has an interview wih Hugh Quarshie.

Mr. Quarshie seems willing to sign items sent to him, often inscribing them and sometimes including photos of his own. He has had several successes this past year, although I don’t think he gets his mail from this address on a regular basis. Some people have gotten responses in a week….others in months….depending on when he answers his mail. However, this is currently the best address to use.

Hugh Quarshie
c/o Holby City
BBC Elstree Centre
Clarendon Road

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New Recruit
I received a great success today from Mr. Quarshie. He kindly signed my 10x8 and cards. He also included his own picture and a note apologising for the delay and answering a couple of my questions. Great stuff!
Took just over 4 months in the UK using the above address.


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Dark Lord of the Typos
I received a success today! He signed my trading card and 4X6 photo I sent (my index was unsigned). He personalized both items. To just over four months .... mailed my request on 3/24/07.

Hopefully yours will show up soon CK. :)


The Mighty Wookiee
Got my stuff back signed from Hugh today! He signed my 2 photos (that Ryan made) and calendar page. Sent on Sept. 1 of 2007 to the Holby City address.


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I finally got a reply from Mr. Quarshie today! He signed all of the trading cards I sent him back in 2009!!