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Peter Sumner has quite a career in film and on stage. A writer, director, and actor, he has worked on numerous projects since the 1960’s. As far as acting, he has been in countless television shows and movies, appearing most recently in shows like Outriders, Blue Heelers, Snobs, and Jessica. This past year he produced a documentary called Baba’s Birthday, which followed his own son’s journey to India to perform a classic Bedouin play. To Star Wars fans, he is known as Lt. Pol Treidum…an Imperial Officer in A New Hope. He was the one in the control room above the docking bay who says “TK-421…Why aren’t you at your post?” He also gets knocked unconscious by Chewbacca when the door opens. He also appeared in a 1999 Star Wars fan film entitled The Dark Redemption.

You can check out Mr. Sumner’s IMDB page here: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0838891/

His official website is: http://www.petersumner.com/

Mr. Sumner has signed through the mail for years, often including personalized notes. The address below is newer and has had recent success. However, his old agent’s address at Morrisey Mgt has had some unsuccessful results not so long ago (I chalk his up to him spending some time working in England, and then choosing a new agent). As a result, I am not listing his old agent’s address. Results for his new address have turned up successes in less than two months.

Peter Sumner
15 / 71 Avenue Road
Mosman 2088

Should any celebrity wish their address not posted, please contact myself (darthskelington) or any site staff member and it will be removed immediately.


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The POTJ Imperial Officer (with sideburns) bears a passing resemblance to him....but it's not specifically him. I don't remember what picture his Force File had on it...too much work to dig out right now. :p


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quick response from australia. He signed my items, signing that trading card on the back.

14 days


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Yeah,got another success from Australia.Mr.Summer signed all items I sent but most on card back though.Never mind,I still very happy.Thank you so much,Mr.Summer :p



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Success today from Mr. Sumner.:eek: He signed my photo and 3 index cards. He wrote one of his lines on an index card as well - "TK421 Do you Copy??"

Used address posted above.
SENT: 3/11/07
RECEIVED: 5/18/07
Hey guys,
I have a question:In SW Widevision card #69,is the imperial officer exactly is Mr.Summer?I saw the other guy's collection and found this:


Here is the ccg image:

A man called Malcom Tierney who played Lt. Shann Childsen also signed on this card.In my success case,Mr.Summer only signed the card front on that widevision #69,the others on card back.So,I think that imperial offcier is him.Now, I'm so confused who is the man exactly is played the imperial officer on that card.

Anyone know?


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Hi Bounty CK, The actor in the detention centre (card #69) is indeed Malcolm Tierney playing Lt. Chilsden. Peter Sumner was Pol Treidum in a different control centre, Mr. Sumner possibly just signed all your cards as they were all from a new hope? Still a great success.
I have a couple of Mr. Tierney's signatures, both in the detention centre.
Hope this helps.


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got a reply From Peter Sumner today! I sent him a Letter, SAE, $2.00, 4 4x6's. He signed all of them and Personalized 3. He also sent a nice hand-written letter Thanking me for writing and for including the $2.00 and SAE for return mailing!

Autographs 1:
Autographs 2:

Sent: May 25th 2007

Replied: June 11th 2007

Days Taken: 18

Address Used:

Mr.Peter Sumner
15 / 71 Avenue Road
Mosman 2088



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Darth Aussie;71685 said:
Oh thought i saw one ages ago....may have been a custom

Hey, i see your in Australia as well!

' If you live in the Regional-Areas of the Country, you can see Peter Sumner in the program called "Spyforce"

It is currently being shown on (WIN) on Mondays at 4:00am, It started this-year Again in 'April


There is a website about it.. but it seems to be down at the moment?


and on a Sci-Fi related note, 'Jack thompson from Spyforce, was in
Attack of the Clones (2002),

& Remond Phillips from Spyforce, and Peter Cushing: Grand Moff Tarkin)

where in an episode of 'The Avengers' together.. ["Return of the Cybernauts"]
Also Katy Wild from Spyforce was in an Avengers' episode; "Traitor in Zebra" (1962)...
& not to mention, Honor Blackman from the AVENGERS was in "DoctorWho" - The Trial of a Time Lord: Part 9 (Terror of the Vervoids/ 1986)

Katy was in also in "The Evil of Frankenstein" with Cushing,

Also - not forgetting in the episode of 'Return of the Cybernauts'
They had a Flashback to the previous Cybernaut-Story, which featured Michael gough (celestial toymaker/ Arc Of Infinity) in Doctor Who.

REDMOND PHILLIPS was in "Invisible Man" (1958),
and it also featured 'Deborah Watling: VICTORIA) in DoctorWho & 'Derren Nesbitt' also who was D.W.!...
Not to mention, 'Michael Pertwee' who was a Contributing writer for "Invisible Man", Relation of JON PERTWEE - The `Third doctor.who!

'SPYFORCE, reminds me of the 'Jon 'Pertwee U.N.I.T. Era, of DOCTOR WHO (1970-1974),
the actor who was in 2-Ep's of SF "EWEN SOLON"
was in 2 'Dr.Who' stories... one of the WILLIAM HARTNELL-stories which was deleted!
& in a TOM BAKER-story "Planet Of Evil" Ewen played the character Vishinsky!

In relation to Peter sumner being in the same movie as Peter Cushing, Ewen Solon has also worked with Cushing'
in; "The Hound of the Baskervilles" (1959) also featured Christopher Lee: Count Dooku)

on a related note with Christopher Lee was in; "The Terror of the Tongs" (1961)
which featured 'Burt Kwouk" who was in also "DoctorWho" - (Four to Doomsday)... also 'The Terror of the Tongs, featured ROGER DELGADO,
'Roger & Burt where also in the movie "The Sandwich Man" (1966), with Ewen also...

Roger Delgado was "THE MASTER" in Doctor Who:


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Success! I got a reply From Peter Sumner today! I sent him a Letter, SAE, $2.00, 3 4x6's. He signed all of them and personalized them. He also sent a nice hand-written letter thanking me for writing and for including the $2.00.


Red Squadron

Peter Sumner signed 3 CCGs for me and used Siver Sharpie. Looks great! He also wrote me a short letter thanking me for my letter and including dollars.

Took less than a month.

Address I used:

PO BOX 530

Thank you, Mr. Sumner!