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  1. Zepp

    Another one for Chris

  2. Zepp

    Another one for Chris

    Made the exchange almost a month ago, and have been too busy to give him the props he deserves... absolutely no problems whatsoever and the communication before during and after the trade were excellent despite his busy schedule...
  3. Zepp

    Who's the most annoying film character?

    The difference is that Donkey is annoying in an enjoyable way... I don't understand about Gollum being so high, I mean he's one of the few CG characters I can stand...
  4. Zepp

    Christmas Giveaways Instructions

    you'll shoot your eye out...
  5. Zepp

    Fashion Police!

    Natalie in a shampoo comercial...(wmv...Windows Media Player) Natalie in a shampoo comercial...(mov...Quicktime)
  6. Zepp

    New Episode III image??

    seeing as he is a fairly strong precog I expected him to just always have his blade in the right place at the right time... he was far too aggressive for his disposition, and also too much flash with too few results... It would have been cool for him to show off a new Jedi power or two as well...
  7. Zepp

    Star Wars Insider...

    I wasn't blaming Lucas... but I do think it's absurd, especially since the quality seemed to take a major hit when they switched companies...
  8. Zepp

    Virtual Reality Bartender

    A certain A word works too...
  9. Zepp

    Star Wars Insider...

    I have a simple question... is Star Wars insider the only magazine that prints half an article and then expects you to pay for an online service to read the other half?
  10. Zepp

    [Off Topic] Hitchhikers Guide Teaser Trailer

    Disney? I don't think Disney is capable of rendering the type of humour necessary to make the movie work... And for as bad as the old BBC version was special effects-wise, it was still fantastic...
  11. Zepp

    Trailer Images

    Completely agree about Yoda... He's way too CG and I also think he's too upright...
  12. Zepp

    Halloween Costume Idea Needed

    I went as 'kao-nashi' from Spirited Away, I think the English translation was no-name, although it ought to be faceless... It cost me less than $20 and I got a prize worth at least $20, so it all works out in the end... I'll post a pic when I develop them, digital camera's at the shop...
  13. Zepp

    Video: Animatics: The Force Behind the Force

    I don't mind. I was just saying that it would be nice not to get my hopes up just to be met by a dead end. I was thinking of joining hyperspace actually, but the insider doesn't offer international subscriptions anymore...
  14. Zepp

    Happy Birthday Phoenix!!

    Enjoy your special day!!!
  15. Zepp

    Video: Animatics: The Force Behind the Force

    It would be nice if the resident bot had the decency to mention when something is Hyperspace exclusive...
  16. Zepp

    Just Because.....

    I'm sure that I'll have one soon enough... But those are some cute kids...
  17. Zepp

    Bossk Mini Bust Winner

    I'm not sure, but we're both in the running if there is...
  18. Zepp

    Happy Birthday Darth Boru!

    Happy Barthday Dirth Boru...
  19. Zepp

    Bossk Mini Bust Giveaway

    If nobody enters it will be yours DS... but, it's too late, I'm in...
  20. Zepp

    CT R2 Giveaway Winner

    Congrats man!