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  1. Holla300

    Autograph Successes!

    Got 2 TTMs today! My James Earl Jones came back today. I sent 1 8x10 and 1 Index Card (Hoping for a better Index for my framed piece but didn't happen) No Worries Tho!
  2. Holla300

    Autograph Successes!

    Those autographs are NOT secertarial. They are Auto-Penned.
  3. Holla300

    Did ya guys miss me?

    You know, Star Wars autographs and that such!:D
  4. Holla300

    UK Address List?
  5. Holla300

    New to the boards

    Those look awesome!;)
  6. Holla300

    Autograph Successes!

    Amazing Success! Congrats!
  7. Holla300

    Upcoming Multi-Signed Piece @ Wattographs! Looks like it is Wookies from EP 3!
  8. Holla300

    Autograph Successes!

    Congrats on some wonderful successes!:D
  9. Holla300

    Autograph Successes!

    Congrats on Richard Griffiths! Hope you get ole Harry back soon!
  10. Holla300

    Star Wars Fan Days Plano, TX

    Thanks for posting photos! I should get some of my autographs that a friend was helping me with soon!
  11. Holla300

    Autograph Successes!

    Got David Acord And Martin Klebba on 3 items each yesterday!
  12. Holla300

    Star Wars Fan Days Plano, TX

    Sweet! I hope you have alot of fun and take some photos! :D I wont be there but some of my posters will be there getting signed!
  13. Holla300

    Autograph Successes!

    Congrats on wonderful successes! :D
  14. Holla300

    010 - Howie Weed (Wampa: Special Edition, Ketwol, Melas)

    Good Lord thats along wait! I got a request out to him that I hope to get something back from!
  15. Holla300

    Autograph Successes!

    Got Jeff Foxworthy Today.
  16. Holla300

    What letter(s) did you mail out today?

    I hope they all come back as successes! :D
  17. Holla300

    063 - David Ankrum (ANH voice of Wedge/Red 2)

    Good Luck on your request!:D
  18. Holla300

    Non-TTM Autographs

    That looks amazing! Congrats!:D
  19. Holla300

    Autograph Successes!

    Congrats Bill! Those look amazing! :D
  20. Holla300

    Autograph Successes!

    Congrats on a wonderful success! :D