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    What's Next?

    You do such a great job, I would like to see something Imp in nature, maybe a star destoryer or a Death Star throne room (Final Battle). Plus it would be a great challange to get all (or most) or the lighting and details right. From what I have seen of your dios you would May the Force be...
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    the cantina

    dioramas What can I say...............DAMN!!! I was amazed by both, they look perfect are you sure you didn't steal those from Lucas HA HA. Both dios are great. I love the detail you put in them. Lights, drinks, etc... I can tell you how much I like them. I am a stickler for details. I...
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    Figure customizing

    :saber: Who Customizes figures out there? I have about 30 figures I have done. My fav being Sith Lord Darth Sidious (pre E1)... It can be seen at , My Cilghal is the current Critique of the week. Click on it then on past figures and you can see it. What are your fave...