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    New stuff FS: MISB,MIB+inserts,MIB etc...

    hi Guys, this is what i have left for sale,make me a fair offer and they could be yours! email me asap, I'm going to post them on ebay in a week. email tahnks. B-wing MIMB never removed from inserts,no decals applied,cockpit and wings in a sealed bag.a real...
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    FS: Jorg sacul,silver R2 and micro x-wing

    hi guys, have to sell those. SAGA Jorg Sacul silver R2 micro X-wing dagobah swamp MIMB Thanks
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    FS: my collection,boxed items.

    ESB AT-AT MIB complete ROTJ speeder bike canadian box (complete ( SOLD ) ROTJ falcon MIB ESB imperial...
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    FS: all my collection MOC's

    hi guys i'm about to loose my job so i must sell everything. [Frown] ROTJ MOC -------- sy snootles & rebo band palitoy han solo ( SOLD ) bespin han solo65b...
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    Chris solo great guy

    sorry Chris i paid 65$Cdn for it not 75$ wich is close to 40 $US:p
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    Chris solo great guy

    hi, i just spent the day in company of Chris solo ,we went to a toy show and i had a great time.hope he did too? we talk star wars all day and bought alot of stuff,a tons of r2-d2 for chris! well if you have a chance too spend a day with the man, i'm pretty sure that you would enjoy his...
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    WTB vintage

    Hello,i'm looking to buy any vintage stuff, so if you have any just drop me a line.
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    hello from Montreal!

    hi everybody,my name his Frank i live in motreal,Canada. i collect mostly vintage moc's ,playsets /vehicules and other cool vintage is some pics of my collection so far,only been collecting for a year now. enjoy!:D