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    Various spoilers

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    Name Game revisited II

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    Indy IV: Harrison Ford is back!

    Scratch that, Colin Farrel said he wasn't interseted in the job.
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    News: More Hasbro Unleashed and OTC Chewie This Fall

    I would like to see Qui-Gon, Zam, and any of the other bounty hunters. Some Imperial Troops (stormtroopers, scouts, tie pilots, ATST/ATAT pilots) would be nice. Tey could even do say a Impr. troops/ Rebel trooper 2 pack? But the one I really want to see is the Royal Guard. Like darthskelington...
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    Dooku fighting??

    That looks pretty cool.
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    Indy IV: Harrison Ford is back!

    No I don't think it will be Farrel. "Pierce Brosnan, who played British agent James Bond in the last four “007” films, says he thinks fellow Irishman Colin Farrell would be his ideal successor." from
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    Video: Animatics: The Force Behind the Force

    Ya that would have been nice.
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    Portman will strip for the right role

    :balloons: :cheers:
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    New to site

    Welcome! Enjoy your stay!!
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    Fashion Police!

    A very good point. Although my current celebrity crush is Michelle Branch! :love:
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    A lot of the old gaurd is coming back to the game now. I have been splitting my time between Galaxies and City of Heros. That game is a lot easier than Galaxies. Not so much time trying to figure out what you are doing.
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    Who To Blame For Anakin's Fall

    You forgot "take your son to work day"! :D
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    Fashion Police!

    The habit is ugly, she is still cute. I guess aslong as it is not a permanat thing(ya right) then it is ok, I myself have been known to lite up a cigar on occasion.
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    I'm giving it til the xp pack comes out before I will consider packing it up. I don't have as much time to play like I use to do to college, work, and my own business.
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    Movie Quotes Game

    Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny Depp(Captian Jack Sparrow) speaking to Orlando Bloom(Will Turner). "Man I really don't want to go to a party with a bunch of people from high school. I know dude but this is Britney Kiasers party and I really really want to F%^k her!" *to guys talking*
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    LucasFilm Takes Over Fan Club Again

    I have always meant to get a subscribtion to the Insider. But if this is the way it is to be done then I'll just continue to buy it a my local bookstore. I have no use for
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    Name Game

    Are you OT?
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    Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed

    This had better be good and very few bug. I am giving the game til then before I cancel my account. I already know several people who have quit do to lack of fun.