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    Best Episode 1 Give-away

    Don't expect em to call back because they can't dial the phone. :(
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    Jedi a religion?

    :hello: Wooohoooo! We now have out own religon! :wavey:
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    Horror Stories

    :eek: That frickin' mailman! You should have killed him! :mad:
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    SW pumpkins

    Good job WC.
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    Planet of the Jedi

    Hi everybody. I want to show everybody my new site. It's called Planet of the Jedi and it's a Planet of the Apes and Star Wars site. Check it out and sign my guestbook. Click Here
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    Windows XP

    You got a good deal.
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    I have a couple of questions for you all

    Well, i can answer one of them. I call in and see if new stuff is in.
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    My Star Wars Room #1

    Oooh! Original 1977 figures, IN THEIR BOXES. Impressive.
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    Oooh, the Vader talk. Head for the hills! :scatter:
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    Coruscant Jedi

    Thanks guys thanks guys for the welcome!
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    Birthday wish's going out to;

    My birthday was October 12.
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    Who's your favorite TPM character?

    Darth Maul & Mace windu both kick ass.
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    Ep1 Dvd!!!!

    I watched it and it was da bomb!
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    TPM cast

    Anakin! No, no! I think that the cast was good, but they could have used another kid that's more mature. You knew on some parts that little nurd was acting stupid.
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    Promoting Episode 2

    Not bad. :makeout:
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    Another question from the grey matter of....

    I have to get a new set every year because it's worn out.
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    The Death of Shmi

    And Lango And the heavly rumored Lango Fett
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    Major spoilers

    Anakin & Padm`e Well, it's possable for A & P to get married because it's none of the JC's frickin' bussness! :D