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    Watto's Lotto Week 10

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    Watto's Lotto Week 9

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    Watto's Lotto Week 8

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    Watto's Lotto Week Seven

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    Watto's Lotto Week 6

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    Watto's Lotto Week 5

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    Watto's Lotto Week 4

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    Anniversary Giveaways Start Now

    Fear leads to anger, Anger leads to hate, Hate leads to suffering! - Yoda So be it Jedi! - The Emperor 1. CT Leia autographed by Carrie Fisher 2. Ephant Mon, Jango & Clone Trooper Pilots 3. Jango, Clone Trooper & Padme Pilots 4. Autographed Darth Maul Figure 5. Autographed Taun...
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    August trade list w/rares

    Trade ? Hi there I'm interested in your Motti, FB R2 and the FB Emperor, Maybe we could work something out. Email me at Thanks
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    Vintage Ship parts?

    Does anyone know of a site that sells vintage ship parts. I'm trying to complete my vintage B-Wing and all I need is the top wing and gun. They seldomly show up on ebay. If anyone could help that would be great. Thanks
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    Canadian National SciFi Expo

    For those of you in the GTA the Canadian National SciFi Expo is comming up. Of Star Wars interest Billy Dee Williams will be there. Here is the link to the site. As the show gets closer they always add more guests.
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    Thanks for the trade Jared, no problems here would deal with again.
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    Pitbull's Haves/Wants

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    Great Trader, thanks alot Amshak. Just got the stuff today very happy. Thanks Again
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    Saw this over at Sandtroopers

    10 minutes and thirty seconds of Star Wars fans getting pooped on.. by a dog.. named Triumph. A clip from the Conan oBrian show, on the website of a darn good comic. Heres the link
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    **Trade List**

    Sent you mail
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    My overdue tradelist

    Hi there I'm interested in the pit droids 2 pack, I have a POTF sandtrooper. Let me know, my email is
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    Yoda & Dooku

    Yep I found the Yoda/Dooku wave at Zellers too, but I also found it at TRU however not as much as Zellers. TRU also had the Royal Guard wave too. This is in Whitby/Ajax/Oshawa area.
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    New Forum Game Starts Now

    :shocked: WOW I WON! love these contests, keep up the great work guys. Thanks Again.:D :dance:
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    New Forum Game Starts Now

    I'll go for a