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    Watto's Lotto week 26

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    Watto's Lotto week 23

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    Watto's Lotto week 22

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    What's your fave vintage fig?

    Without a doubt...biker scouts.:D
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    What is you favorite line?

    I'll go with vintage first because of all the great memories from past times.The big character pics on the cardbacks are my all time favorite. POTJ is a close second.Some really cool figures in this line plus the ships offered are some of best ever in my opinion. :dance:
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    Watto's Lotto Week 21!

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    Watto's Lotto Week 20

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    Watto's Lotto Week 19!

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    Watto's Lotto Week 18

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    TRU & WALMART - Longview

    Super Wal-Mart in Longview had six Tie Bombers as of this morning.Target still has all the accessory packs as well.
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    I'm a newbie

    Hi everyone.After being a lurker for quite awhile now I finally got off my lazy butt and registered to the forums.:p I finally found a collector who is local to me and darthskelington told me this is where he goes to hang out.So I'll be dropping in from time to time to join in on the chat and...