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  1. Gramps

    Smuggler's Sabacc - Day 4

    D this time
  2. Gramps

    Smuggler's Sabacc - Day 3

    Sabacc I choose "C"
  3. Gramps

    Unified Site Contest II

    Huh? I hate contests that just lead in circles. I've clicked every friggin banner and icon on this site and I just keep going from the contest announcement to the forums here. This just sux. Good luck to everyone else I guess I'm more of a Bounty Hunter than a Jedi. I'd rather just blast...
  4. Gramps

    Watto's Lotto Week 1

    Wattos Lotto 138
  5. Gramps

    Let's light-up Luke

    Why thank you. I'm a 48 year old angel of a guy! :angel: :D
  6. Gramps

    Let's light-up Luke

    That's a cool idea too BarneyFife. Nothing says it "has" to be the scene from the movie. Post some pic's when you get it done. I'd like to see it. Barada: I've been thinking about what kind of subsatnce to put in the tank also. Would kinda like to have water with an aquarium pump hooked up to...
  7. Gramps

    Let's light-up Luke

    OK, some of you know that I'm on several other customizing sites. I got introduced to the world of customizing at FFURG (Forgotten Force User Resource Guide). Their e-mail list recently had a discussion about lighting up the new deluxe Luke in Echo base bacta tank. Purple Dave, a FFURG member...
  8. Gramps

    Diorama: Darkest Knight

    That's me! Yep that be me! dhann, Gramps, SWGramps All the same guy! Me! Also: Both are my e-mails. I don't use the because it's software from my ISP and it sucks bigtime!
  9. Gramps

    Diorama Comments: Jabba's Throne Room

    Palace! This is the best Jabba's Palace diorama I have ever seen! Nice work Amshak! Just how big is this thing?
  10. Gramps

    Epic Force, don't leave us!

    I agree The Ep.1 Epic Force fig's were a definite improvement to the line. Hopefully they will have more for Ep.2 Maybe two or three fig's for the final duel as in Ep.1:)
  11. Gramps


    Happy B-day! Happy one month birthday guys and gals! Great site! :rockon: :balloons: :joker: :winknudge: :usa:
  12. Gramps

    Diorama: Darkest Knight

    This is a diorama I did based on Dave Dorman's art print for the Young Jedi Knights book "Darkest Knight". You can see more pic's of it at my customs page on Curto's Custom Alliance:
  13. Gramps

    This Old Hutt

    My customs stuff I've done a few things that can be seen at "Curto's Custom Alliance". I only have one diorama so far. I'll post a pic of it in a new thread. BTW, that's one of my Action Fleet figure customs in the picture on the left. Here's a link to my customs...
  14. Gramps


    Welcome Hey John, Welcome aboard. Looking forward to what you post about trading cards.
  15. Gramps

    Which one do you like?

    A New Hope. Simply because it started it all. I'm old enough (47) to remember many of the movies before Star Wars and nothing had ever been done like this! The special effects were just awesome! And it was a simple yet at the same time great story. I grew up watching Jason and the Argonauts...
  16. Gramps


    I just wish I could get Trek in my area. They quit broadcasting here the last season of Deep Space Nine. So I didn't get to see that or Voyager's last season and now I've missed the new episodes of Enterprise. What Network carries this anyway? Anybody got the first 2 episodes of Enterprise on VHS?
  17. Gramps

    Canadians and Hockey

    What's Hockey?:satan:
  18. Gramps


    Yep it's Gramps here. Some may know me from Artoos News forums and the customizers e-mail list at Rebelscum. I am also a member of the Trade Federation. I do customs of mostly SW but some other fig's too. Including Lego Superheroes.