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    zbpim/Zen? Wher are you?

    HERE I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rich, I just received an email from Amshak! I still have not received anything from your end, and I am assuming you still have not received the Deathstar Droid I sent out. It beats the hell out of me what could have happened, I even went to the post office and asked...
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    Jar Jar is in the trailer!!!

    Some how he weasled his way in there, and I'm surprised not to many people caught it. He's walking behind Senator Padme in the close-up of Mace Windu( the GREAT Samuel L. Jackson). If you download it and play it in slow mo' you will definetly see him!
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    Finally, A list of my own

    I have a deathstar droid, I could use the Obi wan with gungan sub, let me know!
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    Can anyone help me with a B-Wing

    I can help you! I have one, MIMB, but I like to trade. let me know!
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    My money your figures

    Rorworr I've got him if you need him!
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    Pitbull's Haves/Wants

    Bantha... I could use your Bantha w/Raider for a diorama I'm doing. I have a POTJ Sandtrooper and R2-Q5. Let me know!
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    Yo Yo Yo!

    How is everyone? This site is pretty cool so far! I became a fan of Star Wars back in '96 when the Trilogy was re-released. My friends were shocked that I had never seen any of the films up 'til that point and they all bought me the intial POTF2 figures along with the videos for my birthday...
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    Obi-Wan in Jedi Training

    If you notice on the Force File under vital statistics, Obi-Wan is listed as MODEL...Human! That happened on Obi-Wan in Snow gear as well! Everyone else that is Human is listed as Species...Human, not Model. Is Hasbro giving us some sort of spoiler? Is Obi-Wan actually a droid? A clone? Could we...
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    Darth Sidious

    Evil Twin Theory Are you sure Senator Palpatine and Darth Sidious aren't twin brothers? There's always a good and evil twin! That's why Sidious has the mustache and goatee so that the audience knows who the bad twin is...oh wait, I'm thinking of an old Star Trek episode with Spock and his evil...