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    Who plays Jedi Outcast?

    I run 2 servers for jk2 multiplayer I have a very active jk2 clan. I never played Single player due to I am a hardcore gamer. =)
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    NEW: Rogue Squadron III Revealed

    Though that should be a decent game that game wont compare to star wars galaxies in space.
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    SW: Galaxies Profession Trees

    I was thinking of hitting the healer aspect of game, not to sure.
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    Ty TY heheh
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    hello from Montreal!

    welcome heheh
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    Who plays Jedi Outcast?

    I like single player but I really didnt get into jk:outcast. I went to the online aspect fairly quick.
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    Jedi Outcast sequel

    Yes supposed to come out this fall. key word "supposed" Lucas had habits of delaying eta's. Yet im not hating just stating facts.
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    Star Wars Galaxies: Release Date 4/14/03

    Borsk I am very interested in a PA. I sent you a PM and I am on aim.
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    Watto's Lotto week 30

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    RPG: Role Playing Game

    Im interested, not sure if I will agree but ellaborate.
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    I am SCK. My interest are to role play, while being a hardcore gamer. I like Star Wars Related things, but I am not a die hard fan, I just enjoy the SW consistency. I am from NJ.