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  1. Bounty CK

    Denis Lawson TTM Success!

    Congrats!!!! No matter if it is real.At least you got reply and got items back:) Yes,I heard he no longer sign any sw item until he was signing again recently. Can you PM me the address?I think I would give him a try(y)
  2. Bounty CK

    Autograph Successes!

    Dry spell ended Got items from Michael Pangrazio Also from Hal Hickel
  3. Bounty CK

    Jeremy Bulloch TTM Rumor?

    You are lucky.I sent him last October,still nothing back........yet:sick:
  4. Bounty CK

    Autograph Successes!

    Sorry for the delay,darthskellington:( Here you go: Jennifer Hale Sutton-Barth & Vennari 145 South Fairfax Ave. Suite 310 Los Angeles,CA 90036 USA
  5. Bounty CK

    Autograph Successes!

    Today got success from Jennifer Hale:)
  6. Bounty CK

    Autograph Successes!

    That's OK.There are 3 addresses in Watto.I thought you used one of them.
  7. Bounty CK

    Autograph Successes!

    Congrats,SWfan!!! Can you PM me the address of Anthony Phelan?Thanks
  8. Bounty CK

    Autograph Successes!

    Got success from Gwendoline Yeo:)
  9. Bounty CK

    Autograph Successes!

    After 33 months,I got success back from Felix Silla.What a surprise!!! :D
  10. Bounty CK

    117 - Malcolm Tierney (Lt. Shann Childsen)

    Request out 19 months,nothing back.........yet(n)
  11. Bounty CK

    Autograph Successes!

    Got success from Bob Bergen:)
  12. Bounty CK

    Jay Benedict (Deak)

    What a amazing success,congrats!!!(y) Can you post a pic?Thanks
  13. Bounty CK

    Autograph Successes!

    Got success today:D Martin Bou Mansour - Naboo Soldier in Ep1
  14. Bounty CK

    140 - Malcolm Weaver

    Congrats!It was a big surprise when you got items back after a long wait!!!:D
  15. Bounty CK

    113 - Rick Baker (Hem Dazon, Figrin D'an)

    Thanks and yes,I used that address:)
  16. Bounty CK

    113 - Rick Baker (Hem Dazon, Figrin D'an)

    Got success today!!!
  17. Bounty CK

    Signed Action Figure Collection

    Very nice collection:) You focus on signed carded figure.I focus on signed trading card:D
  18. Bounty CK

    127 - Christopher Muncke (Captain Khurgee)

    Got items back today.Thanks for the extra.Many thanks!!!:p
  19. Bounty CK

    Autograph Successes!

    Can you PM me the address of Lindsay Duncan?Thanks
  20. Bounty CK

    136 - Jim Cummings (Voice of Hondo Ohnaka in The Clone Wars )

    First TTM this year :cool: Got items back from Jim Cummings.Took nearly a year :shocked: