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  1. J

    Major spoilers

    Shmi gets killed by Aurra Sing or Tuskens,Zam Wessel tries to assassinate Padme,etc etc
  2. J

    The Death of Shmi

    I like the rumor about Aurra Sing killing Shmi,but we already have 2 new bounty hunters in the film,Jango Fett and Zam Wessel!
  3. J

    Favorite POTJ

    I guess it would be the Sandtrooper.I love that figure!
  4. J

    What was the last wave you found?

    The last wave I found was the Shmi/Obi-Wan wave.
  5. J

    Which figure, do you think, has the best sculpt in the current POTJ line?

    -Bespin Han -Bespin Lando -300th Fett -Plo Koon -Sandtrooper -Ellorrs Madak
  6. J

    What ship do you want next?

    I would love to see an Imperial Shuttle,Republic Crusier,and a Sith Infiltrator.Can't wait til they be made!
  7. J

    Do you collect packins?

    Yeah,I hope they do something cool for Episode II.
  8. J

    How do you collect?

    Mostly open,I hardly ever keep them in the package.
  9. J


    I've got one too.I love this vehicle!It's so cool,plus very large:shocked: !
  10. J

    Your favorite figure from any line.

    Mine would have to be 300th Boba Fett:D ,maybe I'll change mind in the near future.