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    Yellow bubble Ree-Yees

    These items are not available.
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    Updated wants and haves list with a warning

    The following are MOMC: Will trade one of the following for every complete Cobra Crimson Guard. EU Imperial Sentinel EU Grand Admiral Thrawn EU Kyle Katarn EU Mara Jade EU Dark Luke Skywalker Will take non-complete or complete for multiple of the following figures...
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    Yellow bubble Ree-Yees

    Carded Ree-Yees + Klaatu U.K. Ree-Yees is on 77 back card. The bubble is yellow. It is Unpunched, but has some major creases. I don't see any problems with the figure inside. Klaatu is 65 back on U.K. card, slightly yellowed unpunched with a rather large crease on the bottom left...
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    AOTC and Racism article

    Well, as far as the fans go, i think Jango will be loved. Same as Mace. Those people haven't a clue.
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    Haves & Wants

    I just added some more figures.
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    Haves & Wants

    The following are MOMC: CTC R2 w/holo Leia CTC Stormie CTC Wuher EU Imperial Sentinel EU Grand Admiral Thrawn EU Kyle Katarn EU Mara Jade EU Dark Luke Skywalker FB Bespin Luke FB Luke Stormie FB Han Carbonite FB Ugnaughts-2 GC Royal Guards-6 GC Hoth Rebels-4...
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    Latest scores

    I just got a rotj greedo and wicket. I'm also expecting a couple more carded figures. I'll post pics soon.
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    Selling most of my collections for vintage.

    I would like to sell to buy vintage stuff, but I will consider trades for vinties. GROUP 1 $85.00 buys them all. No card has damage. Minor imperfections. They are all between c7.5 to c9. Wuher .0100 Motti .0000 Leia Hoth .00 Qui-Gon Jedi Master .0000 Holo Sidious .0000 Maul apprentice...
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    Da new guy

    Hey Thommo nice icon! And you Blueharvest , I like your signature. Thanx for the warm welcome guys!
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    Da new guy

    Cool! And what a nice deal it was. Thanx!
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    Da new guy

    Cool DS Charlie, nice to see people I know.
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    What would you pick for your top 10 best DVD release's?

    My favorites What about Armaggedeon and 5th element. Those are 2 of my favorites on DVD.
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    Da new guy

    Hey guys, just checking out the site. Looks nice here, I'll try to stop in often.